June 20, 2019


Cameras and Cut ups

When owners are home, the gnomes guard their lawn. But while the owners are away, the gnomes will play. And when the owners, Miss Montague (Julie Walters) and Mr. Capulet (Richard Wilson), have an ongoing feud, their garden gnomes continue the feud after they leave.

Dance Club salsas, tangos, swings way to Wichita

Friends Antonio Sanchez, a sophomore philosophy major, and Mariah Nadler, a sophomore creative writing major, walked into the dance studio nervous, but excited to learn some new moves. They’ve been talking about learning ballroom dance, but never found a good opportunity until Feb. 13 at the Valentine’s Day ballroom dance lessons event.

Back to school

When Tarah Flanagan walks into her classes at Webster University, she knows exactly how her students feel — it wasn’t long ago that she was in their place.

Up in the air

Joselyn Simms pulls herself onto a trapeze hanging above a tile floor in Satori Gallery. She bites her lip in concentration, making a concerted effort to breathe as she begins to spin, flip and dive, striking graceful poses.

Student practices ancient Middle Eastern art of belly dancing

Webster celebrates Chinese New Year

[caption id="attachment_831" align="alignright" width="300" caption="EVA CONNORS/The Journal Thomas Johnson and Jesse Neminger play the dragon while Kevin Ceres, dressed as a priest, tames the beast in the Dragon Dance. The…

Dancers hold tournament for trip

[caption id="attachment_816" align="alignright" width="300" caption="COLLEEN DOHERTY / The Journal Ashreale McDowell, a junior dance major, Brad Mares, a senior at Truman State University, Louis Williams, a senior dance major and…

Freshman gives testimonial through Christian rapping

Mendoza then thought to put a beat under the poem. Tyler’s influence Mendoza went to the studio to record the poem, which was also his first Christian rap song, “Conversion,” about him converting to Christianity. “Conversion” became popular among his friends and Mendoza created a total of 12 rap singles.