February 25, 2018

Campus Life

Tattoos of Webster

    Tattoos of Webster

    In the spring of 2016, The Journal set out to create a gallery chronicling the different tattoos that students and employees at Webster have on their bodies. Every tattoo holds significant meaning to those that get ink, and The Journal wants their stories to be heard.

    New World presented by Gitana Productions at Meramec Community College in St. Louis, Missouri on Feb 25, 2016.
    Tarana close
    Photo by Christine Tannous
      Shin (sent)
      Maalik Film
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      Along with "Sender Unknown: Into the Woods," Lisa Brunette has also published three novels.

Photo by Ian Scott
      Manali Ghag speaks at a Sangam club meeting in the Webster Clubhouse.

Photo by Claudio Cobos
      Benassi practicing yoga with another yoga student in Spain, 2015.
      Islomoe (left) for his first views of America on a Greyhound bus. Vega had to wait for another bus when the first one was canceled.
      RUTH IMG_4096
      MUN fuller-1