Wednesday, February 1, 2023

To Ensure Citizenship: Pizza rolls, guns and everything American

“What are pizza rolls?” I asked my roommate as we shopped through the aisles of Aldis. His jaw dropped. His eyes widend. The question resonated through the frozen foods section.

Not in our backyard

College towns. The image brings to mind endless dorm buildings, 3 a.m. bars and bad parking. Webster Groves, however, the home and birthplace of Webster University, neither looks nor feels like the typical college town.

Language Barrier

In a Jan. 4 New York Times article, a New York City chancellor at a Bronx school said she believed that Mandarin Chinese should be taught in schools. As Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, The Journal thought this was a sound suggestion — after all, most countries of the world teach at least two languages.

Parking is not an issue for Delegates Agenda

The parking issues at Webster University are not new. If students have been complaining for years, why did they decide to present on the subject now?

Webster Faithful

Webster University is offering more religious outlets for students.

“Overheard at Webster”

Right Minded Recessed

Last week, the National Bureau of Economic Research stated that the recession is over, and has been for 15 months.

Right-Minded: Victim-itis

Sometimes, I wish I took the time to put together and update a blog, so I'd have somewhere to compile musings about the latest...

Students seek alternate transportation: Webster has yet to become bike-friendly

The other day I walked out to discover a gaping tear in my bicycle's bar tape because another bike's handlebars were cutting into mine,...

Students seek alternate transportation: Students should use Metrolink more

At the end of last month, the city announced that it would begin to restore MetroBus service, which was cut last year. While this...

Webster should commit all available parking to university students

There is simply no issue on campus bigger than parking. We debate it ad nauseum on campus and in The Journal. But due to the...