Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Get off your phone and enjoy life

Mobile social networking is rapidly growing for the worse.

Mirror, Mirror: Be happy with your reflection

Women face too many challenges with self-image.

Inconvenient truths be told

Colleges and universities aren't perfect, but are there as many shortcomings as there seem to be? Opinions editor Tim Doty discusses his take on some "inconvenient truths" of higher education.

Webster should invest in student sexual health services

Sexual health is vital to students’ well-being, as well as their academic performance. The Journal believes it is Webster’s responsibility to provide quality access to these services.

Crossroads needs to ‘ketchup’ to Marletto’s

Editor-in-Chief Kavahn Mansouri wants his mustard and mayo.

Editorial: (Almost) Free of Charge

A new business proposal threatens the plethora of free magazines in the greater St. Louis area.

Users should read TikTok’s privacy terms

TikTok is pretty much like Vine, except it’s unlikely to die soon. That is, if the company that owns it, ByteDance, can overcome the...

It’s time to give condoms the slip: why birth control should be easier to...

A Journal contributing writer says why condoms are just not enough anymore. And why birth control needs to be more readily available.

Review: ‘Deadpool’

Throughout the film, Ryan Reynolds’ self-referential Merc with a Mouth makes various jabs at the character’s botched portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fans can...

A letter from God

The Webster Journal has been lucky enough to receive a letter from God. See what he has to say about religious fanaticism and faith.

Letters to the editor

Members of the Webster community expresses concerns about university’s newest master plan

Editorial: Your vote counts

The 2012 Iowa caucus was decided by only 34 votes. Think your vote doesn't count? Guess again.

When it comes to education, new SBT building is a win-win

It’s a tired issue here at Webster University, as it is at every university, college, high school and mall. You name the location and we’ll guarantee someone has complained about it at one point.

Right-Minded: Victim-itis

Sometimes, I wish I took the time to put together and update a blog, so I'd have somewhere to compile musings about the latest...

American Savage: The Big, Idealistic Speech

President Obama gave a speech a new tax hike on the wealthiest earners. Humbly submitted for your approval is a draft of the speech he should have given.

Editorial: Furthering the discussion on sexual assault

The Journal will strive over the next year to cover the issue of sexual assault as the discussion moves forward in our government and on Webster’s campus.