Sunday, May 16, 2021

What happens on Facebook doesn’t stay on Facebook

I have friends on Facebook who I don’t talk to anymore.  I am updated about every week or so with their latest activities. It doesn’t...

Don’t judge a book by its cover

As districts debate switching to E-Readers, parents and students are asking, "Is it worth it?"

American Savage: The Kings (contrived) Speech

Rep. Peter King does not, thankfully, have a stutter.

To Ensure Citizenship: Americans are kind and decent, but you wouldn’t know it if...

Why do the angriest one percent get all of the attention?

Mirror, Mirror: Be happy with your reflection

Women face too many challenges with self-image.

Guest Commentary: What can we learn from Kit Bond?

Nick Dunne discusses the pro's and con's of Kit Bond's impending visit to Webster University.

Spring(ing) Forward

Spring weather makes it easy to slack off or tire out. Don't let those final weeks slip by.

The Journal Welcomes New Administrator

The Journal talks about the newest addition to the Webster University administrative family.

Editorial: The Journal applauds student activisim on and off campus

Students should stay involved and active in their community. The Journal supports Webster students and their continuing desire to protest.

Editorial: Graduation could do without Kit Bond

Webster University announced this week that former Missouri Republican senator Kit Bond would deliver the commencement address at the 2011 graduation ceremonies for Webster. Bond,...

The Journal house ad draws attention

In the Feb. 17 issue of The Journal the second edition of a three-part in-house ad campaign, “Help Us Cover the Student Body,” appeared on page nine. This ad featured three women covered only in The Journal newspapers. Four readers have responded strongly to the advertisement.

Meltdown: Ameren goes Nuclear

Ameren's proposed nuclear power plant would add costs to customers. Do MO residents want nuclear power?

Tipping the Scales

Missouri ranks as one of the fattest states in America. Maybe it's time for a dietary change.

American Savage: Party Foul

Never go to a party with America.

Hands off Planned Parenthood

I like not being pregnant.

Who Wants a Grape Soda?

Black students need not embrace the "token minority" title.