Editorial: The Journal Shows some Skin

The Journal would like to clarify its policy of the in-house ads that appear in our publication. Recently, complaints were lodged regarding the “Student body...

American Savage: March of the Morally Outraged Brigade

Why do we let politicians, renown for being corrupt, to dictate our moral battles?

Greek Tragedy: Delta Upsilon and Delta Phi Epsilon fight different battles to survive on campus

Evan Mueller, founding father of DU, write about the future of Greek life at Webster University.

Wasted Valentine

Whether you celebrate or not, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only time you show your love for others

Snow more panic

Midwesterners should learn to deal with annual winter storms, or find warmer climates

American Savage-Guilt: There’s an app for that

Confession: A personal examination of conscience. Also, a sweet app for the smart phone.

Iran: The Next Egypt?

Is Iran the next Middle Eastern nation due for democracy?

Walking in the shoes of poverty

Those that go hungry shouldn’t also have to go unnoticed

Music, lyrics, and the death of pop

Lyrics are at the heart of music, listeners must demand more

Recent car break-ins signal need for student self-awareness

The saying goes that the first time something happens it’s chance, the second time it’s coincidence and the third time it’s conspiracy.

Like it or not, Americans need Al-Jazeera

The recent explosion of democracy-flavored protests across the Middle East has been cause for pause over the last several weeks. As media outlets worldwide fight for the most in-depth coverage of the movements in Tunisia, or more recently, Egypt, an interesting question about media coverage is being posed.

To Ensure Citizenship: The Pursuit of cholesterol, cheese and maybe a soda

An examination on the kind of food only found in America.

American Savage: Friggin Super

Perhaps nothing more brutal and American exists than the Super Bowl.

Crime and Punishment: The WGHS Drug Treatment Policy

Students are given a rare opportunity, and they should take advantage of it

Crime and Punishment: The WGHS Drug Treatment Policy

Drug prevention should be about realistic treatment, not saving face

Who Wears Short Shorts? I do

Man or woman, clothing should be about personal desire, not meeting arbitrary standards of the public.

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