Friday, June 2, 2023

The struggle between communism and individualism in the United States

Where capitalism says “every man for himself,” communism directs us to leave no man behind. In the United States, it's no secret that the word...

Tattoo Taboo: Society has evolved, why can’t the work place?

Livie Hall, Calendar editor, discusses the need for workplace reform on tattoo policies.

Review: ‘Solar Opposites’ is definitely worth the watch

“Solar Opposites” won’t have the cultural impact of “Rick and Morty,” nor are its best moments as iconic. However, being an underrated gem may...

Review: ‘Macbeth’

Many have attempted to recreate Shakespeare's most famous plays, but few have succeeded as well as director Justin Kurzel with his new film Macbeth. Macbeth...

Youth retaliation against gun laws – an open letter to Donald Trump

It is the young people that are fighting back, and it will be us who will make a change. We will not go quietly.

Review: “Scream VI” takes a stab (and some misses) at the Big Apple

Sixth sequels in horror franchises have historically been mixed bags, from “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers” to “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.” After...

Why technology is ruining the next generation’s creativity

Macy Salama, multimedia editor at The Journal, discusses the effect of technology on children's imagination.

Camera shy: why Zoom cameras create discomfort

We need to create comfortable solutions for students who are already experiencing new challenges brought on by COVID-19, and making students turn on their...
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OK, ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ wasn’t THAT good

At no point does Shang-Chi prove himself to be a hero we should root for, outside the bare minimum requirement of defeating the antagonist. Superhero...

A call for campus-wide LGBTQ inclusion

Guest Writer Maggie Hake argues for gender-neutral bathrooms, an LGBTQ studies minor, and general inclusiveness for sexual and gender identity minorities on campus.

A sport of sorts: Should chess be considered a sport?

Assistant multimedia editor Joshua Coppenbarger and staff writer Andy Arb debate on whether or not chess qualifies as a "sport."

Like them or not, NFTs are here to stay

Whichever side you’re on, the hype and resentment of NFTs are resulting in them reaching a critical mass of mainstream appeal. NFTs are officially taking...

Disney’s removal of Gina Carano is too little, too late

When Gina Carano was removed from future Lucasfilm projects this week, fans saw it as evidence of Disney finally standing up against prejudice. As...

From the other side of the screen: An online student’s Webster experience

Online student Kaylan Schardan is part of the Webster community, but she doesn't feel like it.

Pokemon Legends should coexist with mainline Pokemon RPGs

Now that we know Pokemon Legends works, the next game could incorporate mainline features like abilities and breeding, plus accessibility options. As Game Freak revisits...

Pokemon’s virtual Post Malone concert leaves fans wanting more

Post Malone’s Pokemon Day virtual concert, like many virtual concerts before, wasn’t as exciting as it could’ve been. That doesn’t mean virtual concerts can’t...