Thursday, June 17, 2021

Haley’s House: Gorloks in Ghana

The trip to Ghana is a part of the International Storytelling course.

Haley’s House – Don’t be afraid to try something new this spring break

Humans naturally like the safety net of things that are familiar and comfortable. This Spring Break, push yourself to try something new and different.

Haley’s House: Passion vs. Money

Picking the right career to pursue is a difficult decision for most college students, especially debating whether to follow the money or passion. One quote to remember, however, is "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."

Haley’s House: There is no ‘ideal’ college experience

The 'perfect' college experience is difficult to attain because the reality is, there is no 'perfect' college experience.

Letter from the Editors: We stand by our coverage, treatment of Quidditch players not...

The Journal's Editor-in-Chief Kavahn Mansouri and Sports Editor Jacob Claspille respond to Volleyball player Jory Siebenmorgen's letter to the editor. In her letter, Siebenmorgen said The Journal's coverage of Quidditch was a slap in the face to Webster Division III athletes.

Too dark for comfort: Lighting on campus needs improvement

Managing Editor Emily Van de Riet says the campus feels unsafe at night due to the lack of lighting.

Saying Goodbye to Smokey: Ed Bishop, longtime mentor of The Journal, dies at 71

Webster’s journalism program and - without a doubt - The Journal lost a guiding force just weeks before this new semester began. One of Webster’s great journalism professors died and left a meteor-sized hole in many of his students’ hearts.

EDITORIAL: Smoking ban vote is good for students

The Journal’s Editorial Staff is torn on whether Webster University should be a smoke-free campus. What is clear is that the decision to put the policy to a vote, allowing students to have the final say, was a well-thought-out idea from Student Life and the Student Government Association, and they should be commended for that.

Editorial: Cutting students activities the wrong answer to Webster’s financial problems

With the revelation of Webster’s fourth consecutive shortfall, it is more important now than ever that Webster and its administration stick to a promise it made to its students during this year’s spring convocation: keep students’ best interests in mind. Webster students’ best interests are not the cutting of academic and extracurricular programs they came to Webster for.

’13 Hours’ in Benghazi

Former Marines John “Tig” Tiegen and Mark “Oz” Geist never aspired to write a book about their experiences in Benghazi. That was before politics...

Review: ‘Joy’

The biopic about the headstrong Miracle Mop creator is deeply flawed in its structure, but is elevated by great work from Jennifer Lawrence. Joy, directed...

Review: ‘Sisters’

In a year of great female-lead comedies, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler almost add to the roster with the hilarious but uneven Sisters. Sisters follows...

Review: ‘Macbeth’

Many have attempted to recreate Shakespeare's most famous plays, but few have succeeded as well as director Justin Kurzel with his new film Macbeth. Macbeth...

Letter to the Editor: Concerns with MEDC 3150 02 and Decision to Hire Christopher...

Alumna Brittany Burke writes to members of Webster's administration challenging the hiring of Christopher Ave, a Post Dispatch Editor she claims broke journalistic ethical codes when running a story on her rape.

Students should be insulted by the administration’s response to the Delegates’ Agenda issues

This semester, the administration did all but answer the Delegates’ Agenda concerns and requests. Presentation after presentation, members of Webster’s administration filed up in...

Review: ‘Steve Jobs’

Steve Jobs is a man who has revolutionized technology with Apple. As a result, he is one of media’s most talked-about subjects. There most...