Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Hands off my remote

On a weekly basis, my boyfriend and I flip through channels, looking for something decent to watch. At some point, I’ll stealthily take the remote and end up on one of several trashy reality shows that are on at any time.

Letters from Thailand: My first step into study abroad

The "land of smiles" has proved to be right when the Thais greet you with smiles every morning.

“The Junk Drawer:” I’m so bowler — The game of 10 pins has St....

Opinions Editor Tim Doty is bowled over by his love for the game in this week's "The Junk Drawer."

A smoker’s dilemma: quitting the cancer sticks

I have overcome some tough issues in my day; joining the military and going to boot camp, recovering from a surgery that should have...

Gorlok Talk: How do you feel about Webster athletes kneeling for the national anthem?

Student opinions about kneeling at Webster

Mirror Image

Plastic surgery is getting a new face in the black community...

Confessions of a drama fiend

Matt Duchesne, contributing writer, expresses his feelings about the Facebook page, Webster Confessions.

Bullying doesn’t end after high school

Bullying is a problem is grades K-12. But it also is in college.

Letter to the Editor: President Stroble, if diversity matters Webster must protect it

Webster University English major Alexandria Lenzi writes to President Elizabeth Stroble regarding a letter from the President and Provost on Civil Discourse following the United States presidential election.

Starting a business 101: Fail

Value those who you look up to and inspire you, and you will be sure that if you fail, you fail with them.

Letter to the editor: Webster Groves resident suggests potential Delegates’ Agenda items

Webster Groves resident Dave Buck weighs in on potential Delegates' Agenda items. Student leaders will vote on issues to present to the administration at Officers' Summit on Feb. 1.

Review: ‘Carol’

Told with delicacy by director Todd Haynes and with exquisite performances from its two leads, Carol is a beautiful technical achievement and a wonderfully...

Letter to the editor: Budget jobs part of Webster’s luster

Evan Mueller shares his point of view on the proposed budget cuts to student media as a former budgeted employee.

Webster can have safe spaces, but they need to be reapproached

By Sara Bannoura   The idea of student unity is all that came to my mind after reading the list of demands set by the Association...

The rhetoric of competition: why Trump wins

A significant portion of the United States population is baffled that Donald Trump is not only still in the race, but doing well. Some...