Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Biden’s stutter is not dementia and it’s definitely not a joke

In her first speech after the 2020 presidential election, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris introduced Joe Biden as “a man with a big heart.” In...

Letter to the Editor: A defense of the dead-in

Hezekiah McCaskill and Keyra Stephens wrote the Journal in response to the letter critiquing AAAC's dead-in. The writers believe the demonstration was a justified means to convey their protest of police brutality.

Why Facebook is not the social media for me anymore

Despite my hatred for Facebook, I find myself having to engage in order to maintain social networking, keep up with my family abroad and...

Society isn’t prepared for metaverses

With the unfathomable evolution of computers in a short period of time, some wonder: what will come next? Well, the metaverse is here and...

Trumps wall is not worth the shutdown

One thing Trump always promised was the wall. No matter what statements he deviated from he always stuck to that one. Promises of building...

Beaten, broken, gassed and robbed

The editorial staff weighs in on the most recent violence at Occupy movements across the country.

Oscars nominate problematic movies

I have been a devoted fan of the Academy Awards for years. I have counted down the days to the announcement of nominees and,...

Democracy is not a dictator sport: direct action is crucial to political progress

It is not enough to sit back and wait for change to happen.

Haley’s House: There is no ‘ideal’ college experience

The 'perfect' college experience is difficult to attain because the reality is, there is no 'perfect' college experience.

Anti-vaxxers: How badly do we miss polio?

"The anti-vaxxer movement is a symptom of widespread scientific ignorance, and unfortunately, a culture of suspicion."

My Master Plan

Webster University and various agencies are re-working the Master Plan. Why should they have all the fun?

Hey, Alexa: An ode to public transportation

I love public transportation. Running to catch the train, sitting next to complete strangers on a crowded train car, the rampant overflow of pigeons...

Letter to the editor: SGA is looking for improvement and communication

Webster University student body president believes that students should have a better relationship with SGA

Former French TA takes up pen in protest

On Jan. 7, terrorists murdered 12 people on the staff of Charlie Hebdo, a left-wing satirical magazine, for the cartoon of Muhammad featured on the front page. First shocked by the news, this former Webster TA quickly joined the "Je suis Charlie" movement to protest the attack on free speech.

American Savage: The people have spoken

The White House is using the web to hear petitions from the people. The web loudly demands marijuana, less God.

Con: Black Friday ruins Thanksgiving traditions

Macy Salama, multimedia editor, defends Black Friday shopping in a debate with Megan Washausen, Lifestyle editor.