Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Canceled: ‘Music’ highlights issues with Sia’s ableism

Diversity includes disability, and if anyone says otherwise, it’s time for them to face the music. To the average onlooker, the controversy surrounding Sia’s new...

Webster chess billboard causes a stir, athletes respond

Matt Mason, former Webster baseball player, discusses his views of the new Webster University chess billboard on I-70.

Gorlok Talk: Have you ever studied abroad? Why or why not?

This week, we asked students if they had studied abroad through Webster, why or why not.

Letter to the Editor: Safe Spaces are for progression

By Susan Rother, Webster University student   On Wednesday, Dec. 2, The Journal published Daniel Carcione’s “Safe spaces are unnecessary - the real world is not...

YouTube clout culture leaves viewers with toxic effects

I hear, “Do it for the clout,” almost every time I get on YouTube. I’m of the generation that grew up on SMOSH and...

How to deal with your family this holiday season

Most of us are preparing for the most wonderful time of the year. I can already smell the honeybaked ham that’s sitting on the...

The Junk Drawer: ‘Not Crazy About Coffee’

It’s one of the world’s most popular drinks, but sports editor Tim Doty can’t see why. In this installment of “The Junk Drawer,” Doty looks into coffee and why he’d pass on a cup of Joe.

Letter to the editor: Students don’t speak up about ADP, they grumble

In this letter, Zeke Spellazza, Management major, questions the legitimacy of Webster students' issues with ADP and the effort they put into resolving these problems.

No more violence against women: Joe Biden hits home in recent speech

I still remember the cold Tuesday night two years ago when two guys followed me on my way home from school. I left class...

Better Together plan would not move the city and county forward

Written by Jim Brasfield It is the “Great Divorce.”  In 1876 the City of St. Louis separated itself from St. Louis County and the farmers...

Crossfire at city council calls for change

SGA President Gabrielle Deimeke calls for better communication and collaboration efforts between City Council, Webster University, Eden Seminary and Nerinx Hall High School on zoning issue.

Amazon blaze puts indigenous people at risk

"An interesting trend remains regarding the blatant disrespect of indigenous lands and the forests as a whole." The climate is changing and as the world...

Politickin’ me off: #DeleteUber

When newly inaugurated President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries, it was a grim moment for...

Hands off Planned Parenthood

I like not being pregnant.

Letter to the Editor: Quidditch articles a ‘slap in the face’ to Webster athletes

Webster student and Volleyball player Jory Siebenmorgen says The Journal's two stories (Webster Quidditch breaks out the brooms for Gorlok Invitational and Webster Quidditch works toward...

Editorial: Stroble is in the House

The Journal weighs in the Stroble's newest residential announcement.

Guest column: Revamped nationalism caused Trump’s election

Emotions aside, this election reminds us that what’s happening now is not new.