Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Review: I can’t get enough of FromSoftware’s ‘Elden Ring’

After almost 20 hours of playtime, I can safely say that “Elden Ring” lives up to the cult-like response it’s receiving. A couple of days...

Extra lives in gaming is a thing of the past

Gaming has evolved significantly since the arcade era but one thing that hasn't changed since then is the lives system. Extra lives in video...

St. Louis, a city pushed to the brink

By Becky Mollenkamp   On Saturday afternoon, 18-year-old Mike Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., less than five miles from my...

Speak up or Shut up

April 13 marks the National Day of Silence to recognize LGBT bullying. Does protest-by-silence really make a difference? Two of our writers weigh in.

Wave that flag: Opposing war is patriotic

Almost every issue is polarizing in today’s political environment. Hot-button issues such as gender neutral bathrooms, political correctness and whether or not to salute...

Editorial: Clubs and recruitment-Hook ’em while they’re young

The Journal has some suggestions for clubs to maintain their longevity.

Mirror Image

Plastic surgery is getting a new face in the black community...
Obama's Letter to Webster

Letter to the Editor: Webster’s centennial nationally celebrated

Webster President Elizabeth Stroble celebrates Webster's centennial and its power to bring the Webster Groves community together, and expresses pride in the acknowledgement it has received by local as well as national government officials, including Mayor Welch and President Obama.

Mirror, Mirror: Be happy with your reflection

Women face too many challenges with self-image.
Carry That Weight

Webster sexual assault policy needs drastic reform

The many harassment cases and protests on campus worry Conservatory alumna Mackie Sayor. She urges Webster to change its sexual assault policy, or risk student safety.

Politickin’ me off: Trump rally showcases political polarization

When Donald Trump comes to town, political chaos follows on his heels.

Editorial: Technocratic world

Technology is our blessing and our curse. Thanks a lot, Zuckerberg!

When it comes to education, new SBT building is a win-win

It’s a tired issue here at Webster University, as it is at every university, college, high school and mall. You name the location and we’ll guarantee someone has complained about it at one point.

Journal launches new website design and merges two sections of the paper

The Journal merged the Lifestyle and Sports sections of the paper. We will not cover any area less, but some emphasis will move online. The Journal also launched a new, more user-friendly website.

Gorlok Talk: What was your reaction to the election results?

This week we asked students, faculty and staff what they thought about the election results.

We need to stop using the phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism’

The use of "radical Islamic terrorism" demonizes Muslims and Islam. We need to drop the phrase in order to decrease fear and tension.

Hands off Planned Parenthood

I like not being pregnant.