Saturday, April 10, 2021

Author visits Webster, addresses sexual assault

Author Mike Domitrz comes to Webster explaining the rules of dating.

News Briefs-Human vs. Zombies, SOC Social and Free Buss Passes

The war between zombies and humans begins-HvZ In 2009, Sam Vest- a sophomore at the time, brought a game called Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) to...

Officer’s Summit, SGA choose Delegate’s Agenda

A student survey and students leaders weigh in on campus issues.

Filmmaker Ken Burns visits Webster

Ken Burns, award-winning producer and director of documentary films such as “Baseball” and “The Civil War” came to Webster University on Sept. 19 for...

VIDEO: Webster University Extends Indoor Pool Hours to Attract More Students

Webster University’s indoor swimming pool is usually a ghost town during its nighttime hours. The solution to get more students’ feet wet involves extended hours and time for fun and games.

VIDEO: Webster University Offers Free Metro Passes as Major Parking Lot Closes for Homecoming...

A major parking lot will be closed this homecoming weekend so to help commuter students make it to classes on time, free bus passes have been made available at the UC information center.

VIDEO: Webster University Fitness Center Begins ‘Work It To Win It’

Does a mystery prize make students want to work out more?

VIDEO UPDATE: Webster University 9/11 Trees Replanted

The 9/11 trees have been replanted but has Webster University done enough to make sure they will not die again?

Student leaders choose issues for Fall Delegate’s Agenda

See the five campus issues that will be brought to the administration.

VIDEO: Middle Ground: A conversation between an Israeli and a Palestinian

The constant threat of terror between Israel and Palestine is an ancient matter Webster University students Hanan Rahman, a Palestinian-American, and Daniel Movitz, a...

Master Plan Steering Committee set to guide design

The Committee for the Master Plan, which includes two Webster students, gets ready to focus on laying down plans.

St. Louis Holocaust Museum with Webster offer internships for students

Interns learn that genocide is not a thing of the past at the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center.

Walker Travel Award; to help students study abroad

For students enrolled in any of the 11 short-term hybrid business courses, the Walker Travel Award can give up to $1,000 for student's travel expenses.

Prayers for Peace

Students gather and reflect on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

VIDEO: Hip-Hop Activist Amer Ahmed Speaks at Webster University About Islam in America

Amer Ahmed grabbed the mic from the podium, stepped out into the audience and began to rap before beginning his presentation on Islam in...

VIDEO: Webster University Music Department Hosts 9/11 Memorial Concert

On the 10-year anniversary of September 11, the Webster University Music Department held its first concert of the semester in a cathedral downtown, in remembrance of the attacks in 2001.