Friday, January 27, 2023

Sun Coffee Roasters receives warm welcome at the Cyber Cafe

The new coffee company replaced Kaldi's coffee after news outlets published stories where former employees of Kaldi's alleged that racism was a problem for...

UPDATED: Tax forms reveal president receives highest total percentage pay increase in 5 years

Webster University's 990 tax forms reported a combined $112,000 increase in bonuses for President Stroble and Provost Schuster.

Marletto’s offers food from countries on travel ban list

Seven dishes were served - one from each of the "banned" Middle Eastern countries.

Russian grandmaster visits SPICE

Webster's chess team got strategy advice from the coach of Russia's women's chess team.

Coronavirus causes fears for travelers at home and abroad

The spread of Coronavirus has caused anxiety for students planning to study abroad. This worry has now also spread to students planning to travel...

Webster adjunct Neal Richardson died, memorial service planned

Webster University adjunct faculty Neal Richardson died Friday September 8. Richardson was a faculty member in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts and the Department of...

Student protests at diversity conference

Yai Nikos, a member of Webster’s Association of African American Collegians (AAAC), posted on Facebook earlier in the day that she would protest the event due to the absence of a black speaker for the Gender Entitlement topic. Nikos stood by the podium holding a sign stating “Black Trans Voices Matter.”

Webster University announces changes in tuition rates for the upcoming academic year

While part-time students will see a decrease in tuition, many full-time students will see an increase for the upcoming academic year. On Feb. 7,...

Plans transform pond from cesspool to amphitheatre

The retention pond behind a parking garage will serve the Webster students in a more relaxing way after a new transformation, thanks to a Webster science lecturer.

Professor vows laptop access for every student

Basiyr Rodney is coordinating to get every School of Education students by fall 2019.  After Basiyr Rodney saw students struggle with their devices he had...

Domestic violence survivors find healing through art workshop

“A lot of survivors have been told they're stupid, worthless and have nothing important to say,” Women's Wisdom Initiative founder Caroline Lovell said. “I...

Provost says new business plan, programs will lead Webster to a balanced budget in...

Three straight years of budget shortfalls have caused the university to rethink their business model and look toward building a Webster of the future.

White supremacist group places recruitment fliers around St. Louis campuses

The Anti-Defamation League Missouri identified Identity Evropa as the organization to post recruitment fliers around local college campuses.

Student account of watching family business burn down

Webster student and staff writer Lara Hamdan gives her account of how her family's business was burned down by looters during the Ferguson protests on Nov. 24.

COVID-19 ravages student and university finances nationwide

For some colleges, experts say COVID-19 could be the tipping point. It was definitely not something freshman Marcel Dalton planned for. The coronavirus derailed everything: his...

Brief: Nursing program

The Webster University Master’s of Nursing program rose over 20 spots in the annual U.S. News & World Report 2023 Best Graduate Schools - Nursing...