Friday, October 22, 2021

Webster to kick-off bike share program

Webster plans on steering local transportation in a new direction with a new bike share program.

Webster University adjunct faculty gets closer to union vote

Washington University's adjunct faculty voted to form a union. Now support is being rallied among Webster's adjuncts to form a union of their own.

Nearly 500 work study awards unused by students

Out of more than 1,000 students awarded federal work-study funds, around 500 of them who are deemed eligible did not use their award this semester. According to the university, some student employees in the program do not even work enough hours to earn their total award. This results in money being left unspent.

Webster announces new adjunct projects

Webster University released a list of items the university hopes will improve adjunct faculty’s quality of life. The report, released nearly eight months after Webster adjuncts filed for unionization, listed five improvements Webster hopes will make good on a commitment the university made to adjuncts last spring.

Delegates’ Agenda takes hiatus

Webster’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced the Delegates’ Agenda will take a hiatus during the spring semester to work on the format of the program.

Simone Cummings named business school dean

Cummings is currently an associate professor and associate dean of Academic Quality Assurance at the Walker School of Business. She has been employed at Webster since 2013.

Professor vows laptop access for every student

Basiyr Rodney is coordinating to get every School of Education students by fall 2019.  After Basiyr Rodney saw students struggle with their devices he had...

New Webster program offers early retirement

Faculty and staff will have new retirement plan opportunities in Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program.

Webster Votes pairs with national group to prepare for general election

With the Missouri general elections approaching, Webster Votes plans to become more active on campus to help engage student voters.

New green bike station installed

A new bicycle service station has been added on campus. Located on the University Center patio, the Dero Fixit Bike Service Station is a place for bikers to perform basic maintenance.

Webster adopts Car Share program for students

By Rebecca Doran Nick Nonos, does not have a car on campus and has limited options for getting off campus. Nonos said having access to a...