Friday, December 3, 2021

Students frustrated with administration’s budget response

For the sixth time in nine years, the issue of budget-funded student jobs was presented to administrators at Delegates’ Agenda, and at last week’s administrative response, Student Government Association (SGA) President Caroline Wiley said students wanted real answers to their questions.

Non-profit offers voter protection

As Voting rights lawyer Denise Lieberman gave a presentation on voting rights on Washington University’s campus Sept. 8, the Supreme Court decision was handed...

ISB construction creates woes for Pearson

Students in the Pearson House have turned the "unbearable" construction noise into a running joke. If an air horn goes off, they take it as a sign of agreement from the construction workers.

Adjuncts officially file to hold union vote

They have filed with the National Labor Relations Board. Now, Webster adjuncts will work toward holding a vote to determine if they will be represented by a union.

The process and workings of a grand jury

Grand juries have been at the focus of media attention recently, but do people understand how they work when deciding whether or not to send a case to trial?

Student opens up about sexual assault during Delegate’s Agenda

C.D. Wiley presented her topic of sexual assault awareness to Delegate's Agenda and included her own personal assault with the delegates as well as the audience.

Graduate enrollment falls for second year, possible shortfall on horizon

Webster University faces another decline in graduate enrollment. If the trend does not reverse in the spring semester, the university could see a sixth consecutive budget shortfall in 2017.

New green bike station installed

A new bicycle service station has been added on campus. Located on the University Center patio, the Dero Fixit Bike Service Station is a place for bikers to perform basic maintenance.

Webster biology department receives $1 million donation for endowed professorship

An Endowed Professorship in the school of biology promises to bring new talent to the university as it moves to expand the science department.

Six activists speak at human rights conference

The Webster University Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies welcomed six speakers from around the continent to lecture about global issues ranging from child mortality rates to combating HIV/AIDS. The speakers came to Webster as a part of the eighth annual Human Rights Conference Oct. 7 and 8.

Public hearing extended as clarity between city, institutions was not reached

The city council gave the floor to Eden and Webster to clear up any misunderstandings between the institutions and the city, but the two sides could not see eye-to-eye.

Enrollment down on military campuses

A revamp on rules for colleges offering military programs led to a decline in military enrollments at Webster, causing some military-affiliated campuses to close.

Webster to kick-off bike share program

Webster plans on steering local transportation in a new direction with a new bike share program.

Webster launches required course aiming to end sexual assault

Starting this semester, Webster University is requiring all undergraduate students to complete a two-part online sexual assault prevention class entitled Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault.

Council hears from institutions for clarity on their needs, yet misunderstandings prevent mutual agreement...

The city votes to extend the public hearing on the proposed zoning ordinance after a disagreement on what the ordinance can and cannot allow for Eden and Webster.

Entrepreneur works with Webster staff in business competition

Manske created Made for Freedom in 2011 to help victims of sex trafficking find dignified employment. Among the products produced by Made for Freedom include jewelry, clothes, and other fashion accessories.