Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mayor attends SGA meeting

A not so common face attended a general body meeting held by Webster University Student Government Association. Webster Groves mayor Gerry Welsh attended...

Low tech vs high tech: How voting technology can void your vote.

For most polling stations, there are two types of voting machines; direct recording electronic (DRE) systems commonly known as the touch screen system and...

Hardships of a third-party candidate

Constitution Party candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives Cindy Redburn described running as a third party candidate like being in a hundred yard...

Dolan, Bird running for District 5

“If not now, then when? If not you, then who”, is the phrase that inspired candidate Jennifer Bird, republican, to run for St. Louis...

New abortion law sparks debate

With the St. Louis County election coming up on Nov. 4, many house representatives have chosen their side in the abortion debate. Anti-abortion organizations...

Webster plans to make already existent African American, LGBTQ curriculum more visible.

Two weeks after Webster University administrators heard from students about how they felt the university lacked African American and LGBTQ studies, the delegates were...

Webster faculty and students assist less fortunate women in need of legal help

The WILLOW Project is working to rescue underprivileged women across the nation from a law system that appears to have left them behind.

Criticisms about Confucius Institute of no concern to Webster

In the last year, the Confucius Institute has come under fire by American and Canadian professors for censoring topics in class. The Director of Webster’s Confucius Institute said no such problems have occurred.

Director of Student Engagement expected more from SGA fall elections

With seven senate positions available in this year’s SGA fall elections and just five students running, voters had little to choose from.

Update: Ferguson protest comes to Webster Groves

Protesters of the shootings of Michael Brown and VonDerrit Myers gathered outside a fundraiser for St. Louis County Executive candidate Steve Stenger.

Plans transform pond from cesspool to amphitheatre

The retention pond behind a parking garage will serve the Webster students in a more relaxing way after a new transformation, thanks to a Webster science lecturer.

Arcade Building renovation key in Webster downtown location

The renovations to the Arcade Building will be the next step in Webster's plans to become a partner in the St. Louis area.

Program earns grant for Webster

Webster University was awarded the “Teachers Matter: Promoting Partnership & Measuring Efficacy in Teacher Preparation” grant from Boeing for their educational course on teaching...

EnGo charging station is a go

Webster University has the nation’s first EnGo solar power phone charging station installed on Sept. 9. The EnGo is a product of the Volta...

Mayor and city council get to work, postpone public hearing on proposed educational zoning

The Webster Groves mayor Gerry Welch said the city council has received enough information and comments from Webster University, Eden and the residents of Webster Groves and now the council needs to get to work.

Webster faculty member weighs in on Greece campus

The struggling economy in Greece caused Professor Allan MacNeil concern when Webster University announced the opening of a campus in Athens.