Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Snow Day? Snow Way

Webster holds morning classes despite snow-covered roads.

Webster parking garage expansion to open April 20

The expansion will open with a ribboncutting ceremony that more than doubles the number of parking spots in the garage.

Students, staff vote on new ISB furniture

Webster University students and faculty were invited to pick their seats during the Interdisciplinary Sciences Building (ISB) Furniture Fair. The event in which students and...

Parking garage expansion opens

The school was granted an occupancy permit May 2.

Rick Rockwell becomes new head of communications

Webster University President Elizabeth Stroble believes the academic understanding and industry experience of Rick Rockwell, make him the right choice to fill the role of Chief Communications Officer of Webster’s Global Marketing and Communications (GMC) unit.

Webster study abroad student in Brussels reflects on attacks

When Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr decided to study abroad in Brussels, she was hoping for an opportunity to improve her French skills and live in the city she had once visited and thought was beautiful. Soon, however, Brussels found itself at the center of a tragedy.

Amanda Rosen wins ASPA innovative teaching award

Amanda Rosen, an associate professor of International Relations at Webster University, was rewarded for her innovative teaching methods with an award from the American Political Science Association (APSA).

SGA, students to give Webster a gift for anniversary

Webster University Student Government Association and Student Ambassadors look to students to raise $13,000 for a Gorlok statue on campus.

Arcade Building renovation key in Webster downtown location

The renovations to the Arcade Building will be the next step in Webster's plans to become a partner in the St. Louis area.

UPDATED: Laverne Cox speaks activism to Webster’s audience

“Go have those difficult conversations with people around you,” Laverne Cox said. “We need to understand each other. We need to work out our differences with love. Empathy is the antidote to shame.”

Racist images found in old Webster yearbooks

Former students covered their faces in shoe polish to create a mocking stereotype. Students of Loretto and Webster College wore blackface in pictures dating from...

Webster receives highest-ever score on US News and World Report

Webster University was ranked No. 16 out of 157 in the 2022 Regional University-Midwest list for the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges...

Student funded Gorlok statue planned for the centennial

The student funded Project Gorlok has raised $2,000 of the $13,000 goal.

Webster adjuncts say no to unionization

Webster University's adjunct instructors voted against unionizing in a 268 to 212 on May 11.

University, Eden and city await judge’s decision in lawsuit

Webster, Eden and the city of Webster Groves await judgment from Judge Mark Seigel on the institutions lawsuit against the city.

Sodexo employees earn higher wages after complaints, protest

“With what these guys make, they can’t afford to live,” Service Employees International Union representative Mike Murphy said.  Multiple Sodexo janitors who work at Webster confirmed...