Making History: Julie Baudendistel all-time scorer in Webster Basketball History


In the St. Louis Intercollegiate Championship (SLIAC) finals, just six points away from making Webster basketball history, Julie Baudendistel stepped onto the basketball court not looking to make history, but looking for a win. 

Graduate Student Julie Baudendistel weaving through opposing players. Photo by Brian Rubin

“Winning the conference tournament was more important to me,” Baudendistel said. “I didn’t want my six points to be the focus.”

After passing Angie Carr for most points in Webster history, Baudendistel also became the all-time point getter for both men’s and women’s basketball. As her final season comes to an end, Baudendistel has now scored 30 more points than any Gorlok in basketball. 

Points are not the only strong suit for Baudendistel. Fifth in scoring average, first in field goals, fourth in steals and first in minutes, Baudendistel was consistent in her five year career averaging more than 20 games a season. 

Baudendistel’s parents have been attending her basketball games since elementary school and when she picked a college close to home, her parents could attend those games too. They were also at that finals game. 

“We’re very proud of her. We weren’t paying much attention (to the record) until late in the season,” Tim Baudendistel said.

Besides the statistical anomalies, Baudendistel has made an impact as a student as well. She has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and is working on her MBA. 

“I take pride in my academics here at Webster,” Baudendistel said. 

Jordan Olufson has been the coach of the women’s basketball team during all of Baudendistel’s career. During that time, Olufson has had time to see what Baudendistel does differently than some of her teammates. 

“Julie goes about her business quietly,” Olufson said. “She is a competitor in the classroom and one on the court. She has just been so successful in both areas at a very high level.”

Baudendistel prepares for a free throw. Photo by Brian Rubin

Outside of Webster, Baudendistel keeps herself busy with multiple extracurricular activities. 

“I love to play soccer, in the summer, on the weekends,” Baudendistel said. “I love traveling and exploring international places.” 

Baudendistel is also a triplet and credits that as a positive impact on her playing. 

“I grew up with a sister who did the same sports as I did,” Baudendistel said. “ You always knew someone on the court.” 

It wasn’t just Baudendistel’s sister that played basketball. Both her brother and their neighbor growing up played basketball as well. 

“The four of them always grew up together. Whether it be wiffleball, basketball, whatever, it was always a competitive environment, but they also had to work as a team.” Tim Baudendistel said. 

As for coach Olufson, after five years of having an all-star on his team, he was able to reflect on the career that Baudendistel had.    

“Julie has had a remarkable career here at Webster,” Olufson said. “She has won SLIAC conference championships five times, been to four NCAA National Tournaments and been Player of the Year. She helped elevate the program on the court. She is a future hall of famer!” 


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