Maureen Burt finds home as new assistant athletic director


On Aug. 15, Webster University Athletics announced Maureen ‘Mo’ Burt as the new Assistant Athletic Director.

The St. Louis native worked in many different places including Division I schools Villanova University and the University of Cincinnati.

Burt also worked for the nonprofit Step Up For Students. Step Up For Students is a scholarship funding organization for Florida children.

Photo by Alexandria Darmody. Maureen ‘Mo’ Burt settling into her new office. Burt took the position of assistant athletic director after working at multiple Division I schools.

Before coming to Webster University, Burt also worked at the University of Memphis. That is where she worked with Stacy Martin, the chief financial officer and senior associate commissioner at the American Athletic Conference. Martin is one of two women in Division I athletics that Burt is inspired by.

“Maureen is hard-working, strategic, and thoughtful,” Martin said. “She is an administrator focused on the entire student-athlete experience and is always willing to assist coaches and colleagues as needed for the greater good. Maureen has a diverse background with multiple prongs of experience that make her a great resource and asset to the athletic department.”

Burt mentioned two women in the athletics field that inspire her. Vicky Chun, the director of athletics at Yale and Stacy Martin.

“I admire [Martin’s] ability to stand tall in a world still dominated by men,” Burt said. “During our time at Memphis, she was the highest ranking female and for the majority of that time, the only female in senior leadership. She is brilliant with finances and at managing up.”

Director of athletics Scott Kilgallon was a part of the hiring team for Burt. Burt started Aug. 29 and has worked almost a month now for Webster University.

“One of the intangibles that has popped out is that in her third week, [she] has connected really well with the students,”Kilgallon said. “the students already know her by name and she tells them to call her ‘Mo,’”

Before starting here, Burt went through the interview process with Kilgallon and it was during that interview that Kilgallon knew she would be “the perfect fit” for Webster University.

Burt also talked about the importance of students when describing the differences between a Division I and a Division III school.

“For me, it is about the student athlete,” Burt said. “It is about their being a student first, athlete second. It is about the campus community versus the broader community and it’s not so much about big money.  Division I is about money and about finding as much money as you can for the highest paid coach.”

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