Club crafts blankets for children


Eleven students attended the blanket-making event. The completed blankets will be donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The Webster University Students for Biological Sciences (SBS) student organization held a virtual event on March 22 to make tie fleece blankets. The event was co-sponsored by Delta Phi Epsilon. The blankets are being donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

These are just a few of the blankets made by student organization Students for Biological Sciences. The blankets will be donated to Shriners Hospital. Photo contributed by Kylie Burke.

The SBS student organization met on Monday in coordination with Delta Phi Epsilon. SBS aims to promote a scientific learning environment at Webster. The sorority often does outreach and charity events.

The organization’s charity event had 11 students turn out. SBS President Kylie Burke hosted the event at 7:30 p.m. Burke stated the event would produce 30 fleece blankets for Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Burke coordinated with the hospital to make this event happen.

“After a child has surgery, they are given a fleece blanket,” Burke said. “Fleece blankets are some of their most popular donations.”

Webster students attended the event for a variety of reasons. Jalalah Muhammad wanted to take a step back from school to do something she enjoyed.

“I also wanted to create something that I could give to a person who needs it,” Muhammad said.

Nickol Wahby also attended the online event. To her, community service is really important.

“I am always looking for opportunities where I can help out,” Wahby said.

A dual member of SBS and Delta Phi Epsilon, the event was extra special for Wahby.

“I love being a member of SBS and DPhiE,” Wahby said. “This event is extra special because I get to spend time with members from both of those organizations.”

Student organization Students for Biological Sciences held an event to make tie fleece blankets on March 22. The blankets will be donated to Shriners Hospital. Photo contributed by Kylie Burke.

For Wahby, it was meaningful to see her friends and colleagues come together to “make someone’s day a little brighter.”

SBS will be collecting the fleece blankets from online attendees on March 26. SBS has two more events for the semester, both are “goody bag” events. On April 5, SBS will be handing out “Movie Night Kits” and on April 26, the student organization will be handing out “Summer Break Goody Bags.”

Webster University has opened up in-person meetings for student organizations which have up to 10 in-person attendees. For any information on future in-person events with SBS or other Webster University student organizations, refer to their official pages on Webster Involved.

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