SGA-created conference moves toward final stages


The St, Louis Youth in Leadership Conference is looking to help underrepresented young leaders. SGA officials created the conference and are now finalizing proposals for the workshop.

Less than two months out from the St. Louis Youth in Leadership Conference, the Webster Student Government Association has already begun finalizing the conference’s schedule. After students sent in workshop proposals in November, Student Government Association (SGA) leaders are finishing up choices for the conference on Jan. 23. 

“We received a wide range of workshop proposals,” says SGA president Sarah Hill. “Some were identity-based, and many focused on aspects of communication such as: writing, professionalism, and networking. Other topics include time management and using your calling and talents.” 

Now that SGA has more information about the conference’s content, they have begun promoting the event more. Teaming up with the Webster Admissions, they plan to reach out to high schools in the area to have students sign up to attend.  

“Admissions has sent out the application packet to roughly 1500 prospective inquiries throughout the St. Louis region that are currently sophomores and juniors, which was the target audience per SGA through an email blast,” director of undergraduate admissions Joanna Finch said. “We also have a call center team that may assist soon in following up with some additional calls or texts to these students as well.” 

Webster organizers are excited for the opportunities that the conference holds for high school students in the area. 

“High school students will hopefully be able to benefit from seeing themselves represented in positions of leadership,” Hill said. “[They’ll] learn how to navigate varying leadership settings and effectively leverage their skills, talents, and backgrounds to make change not only in their schools now, but also in college and beyond.” 

This is also an opportunity though for Webster to promote themselves.

 “Admissions just wants everyone to see how awesome it is to be a Gorlok,” Finch said.  “There is something about coming on campus, or interacting virtually with our students, faculty and administration that makes the difference. We want these students to experience Webster as well through the interaction they will get with our students through this conference.”  

For more information on how to apply to attend the St. Louis Youth in Leadership Conference, head to Webster SGA’s website. 

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