Everyone needs to give ‘The Bachelorette’ its roses


The Bachelorette, to me, might be the best thing on TV right now.

I cannot tell you all how satisfying “The Bachelorette” is to watch. In the middle of a crazy election week, with all the anxiety and work to do in the world, I found myself on my couch, watching a woman I’ve never met before running away with a man she had only known for possibly two weeks.

She literally canceled a whole season so she could be with a hot guy. Nevermind she had 16 other hot guys, depending on who you ask, but she wanted this hot guy. Clare Crawley, you absolute messy legend.

The mind-numbing television show that is  “The Bachelorette” was once known for its Monday night shows, moved to Tuesdays as it was pushed back due to a worldwide pandemic. This caused hundreds of “On Mondays, we drink wine and watch ‘The Bachelor[ette]’” shirts to be thrown away, but hey, a pandemic can’t stop finding manufactured love! The premise: one woman, 30 men, producer-induced drama, fun drinking games at home.

The last part may just be me, but honestly, watching “The Bachelorette” could be the best act of self-care you do for yourself on Tuesday nights. For one hour, you get to click to a different channel and pretend this is the biggest issue in the country. Who will Crawley choose? Her choice was clear from day one, but now, with her departure, rises a new Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams.

The departure, for all my fellow watchers, is part-scandal, part-relief. There’s plenty of conspiracy theories around the internet saying there was a plot in the producers’ room to overthrow Crawley, or that she broke the rules and talked to her choice, Dale Moss, before the show (a big no-no in “Bachelor” nation). Whatever the case may be, it made for great TV. Seriously, Emmy-award stuff going on here at ABC.

Adams, a beautiful, smart, flirty, Black woman will fill Crawley’s shoes as “The Bachelorette.” She’ll be only the second Black female lead in 16 seasons, with “The Bachelor” only now featuring a Black man, Matt James, as a lead for the first time in 24 seasons.

Not only is putting a Black woman in place of Crawley a strategic move in “The Bachelorette”’s universe, it’s refreshing.

The show has seriously lacked diversity and was under heavy criticism during the calls for diversity in TV over the summer. But, Adams goes beyond just being a token for the show — she makes great TV. She’s flirty, she’s charming and a fan favorite. Adams was featured on a season of “The Bachelor” and another spin-off, “The Bachelor in Paradise.” Neither season had Adams found lasting love. 

All of the comments on recent posts made by “The Bachelorette” have been overwhelmingly positive where the posts with Crawley showed frustration with the ex-lead. Adams is the breath of fresh air “The Bachelorette” needed, and quite possibly, the breath of fresh air America needs right now. I will gladly let my brain be melted by the beautiful Adams and her very hot contestants who are all very sweet and funny, or at least appear to be on TV. With the current state of the nation, a little mind-numbing goes a long way. Thank you for your service, “The Bachelorette.”

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