Webster offers workout stations in the Grant Gymnasium


Students have begun taking advantage of the new workout stations in the Grant Gymnasium.

The Grant Gymnasium is now the designated spot to workout on campus. This comes after the fitness center closed to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The fitness center, which is about 1,860 square feet in total, was deemed too compact to remain open. 

The Grant Gym has gone through changes to help enforce social distancing policies. All policies are in accordance with CDC, St. Louis County and Webster University guidelines. Some of which include a mask mandate, disinfecting your workout block and bringing your own gym equipment. 

The poster on the door leading to Grant Gym explains the new policies for individual workouts available to students– a recent development. Students are already taking advantage of this. Photo by Allison Hagene.

Josh Perreault, coordinator of aquatics and the fitness center, said, “Students can expect to see nine  10ftx10ft exercise blocks that are marked by color coordinated cones and a station number sign. They will also see two basketball hoops that are available for use and two running/agility lanes that are available, marked by cones and a station number sign as well.” The spaces are all separated by 12 feet to maintain social distancing.

Students have been able to book workout sessions in the Grant Gym since Sep. 14. 

Webster student athlete, Arianna Arias, has worked out in the gym alongside her health science class. 

Arias said she liked working out in the gym because it gave her the possibility to workout among others. The only complaint being the toll of wearing a mask while working out. She said it’s very difficult especially when you want to get a good workout in and break a sweat.

“When the mask gets moist from sweating it’s like being waterboarded while still trying to breathe,” Arias said.  

Elena Hutson, student and track athlete at Webster, said she has not yet worked out in the Grant Gym yet, but thinks it’s a great idea overall. 

“This allows students to have a space indoors where they can do their own workouts,” Hutson said. “Also, if people from the same sports team want to go and do a specific workout, they can do it together in the same place.”

According to Perreault, the athletics department has set policies for student-athletes participating in team practices in the Grant Gym.  

The fitness center does not have a set time to open.  Once university administration deems it safe to re-open,  there will be an announcement on all university platforms.

Students can find updates by liking the Webster University Facebook page and following @webster.uc on Instagram. Updates can also be found in Webster Today and the Gorlok Gazette.

How to book a workout session in Grant Gym. 

Individual workout sessions are available Monday-Thursday from 10am to 3pm and Friday from 10am to 3pm. The gym is currently closed on the weekends.

The full list of policies includes:

  • Only current Webster students will be allowed to use the gym for individual workouts. No staff or faculty at this time.
  • Users will be asked to show their university ID card before entering the gym area.
  • All users should wash or sanitize hands before entering the gym. 
  • Users must wear a face mask / face covering at all times.
  • Every individual should disinfect their workout block upon entering and leaving.
  • No equipment is available. Users must bring their own equipment.
  • Individuals may not share equipment. 
  • Users should arrive in their workout attire. 
  • Locker rooms are not available. 
  • Only water bottles are allowed. No food.
  • During high volume times, individuals will be limited to 1 hr. time limit in their space.
  • The gym will be configured with nine 10’x10′ workout squares, two running lanes, and two baskets. These spaces will all be separated by 12 feet. Upon arrival, a gym monitor will assign the user to a numbered space to use for the duration of their workout.

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