Webster student tests positive for COVID-19


Webster students were notified through email on Saturday morning a student in the West Hall dormitory tested positive for COVID-19.

Webster freshman Vinnie Peters moved into West Hall this past week with the help of his parents. Peters’ parents worried he would have to self-isolate at home if his classes moved to in-person so they helped him unpack his dorm for his first year.

A student in Peters’ hall tested positive for COVID-19 within days.

Webster sent out an email early Saturday morning with the diagnosis. The school directed the student on Wednesday to be tested and to self-quarantine but has since been asked to move into isolation.

“I panicked when I first heard,” Peters wrote in an email. “My first feeling was regret that I had been going around campus lately. I found out through the text alert system and only found out it was someone in West Hall through the email.”

Peters has since been staying in his dorm when he is not working and has noticed some tension in the dormitory.

“The original panic has subsided and now my anxiety has moved to more of a lingering fear,” Peters wrote. “I’ve been much more observant and cautious of my surroundings ever since.”

Others have commented on Webster University’s Facebook page praising the school for how they are handling the case. Webster is starting a deep clean of West Hall and other locations. The school has also started contact tracing to notify others who may have been in contact with the student.

The email ended with a reminder for students to continue social distancing, mask-wearing and complete their daily health screening.

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