STD screenings should not be taboo


Let’s face it; people are having sex, a lot of it. If we’re all having sex, we might as well do it right.

First off, let me be “that person” by saying that safe sex is the way to go. This is probably not the first time you’ve heard this sentiment, and for a good bit of us, we’re listening! We’re keeping it wrapped when getting tapped, but I honestly think safe sex doesn’t just stop at supplying the latex. We need to normalize consistent STD testing as a culture.

 No one should ever feel uncomfortable or ashamed for scheduling an appointment to get tested, and you shouldn’t have to wait for your first scare to know you’re positive or not. Especially in college-hookup cultures, you can never be 100% sure whenever that thought creeps up in the back of your mind saying, “Wait… who have I been having sex with?” That thought can’t and won’t be soothed with a late-night trip to WebMD.

Plus, let’s be real folks, sex is the best when everyone’s comfortable. Why can’t we be more open about our sexual health? In this new-found “self-care” movement, we’re all about eating healthy, posting positive content and embracing our intricacies more publicly. We seem to have forgotten how much our sexual health adds to our mental health as well.

 Why not boast to your gals and goons about how clean your privates are? Even if you don’t exactly get the results you wanted, you can start treating and possibly curing your conditions. It’s not the end of the world, yet. If you let whatever you have go untreated, it can be. The CDC reported that more than 900 cases of untreated syphilis lead to a number of newborns suffering from congenital syphilis and resulted in death or severe complications for the newborns. You’re not just put yourself at risk when you don’t get tested.

 So, let yourself enjoy your own sexuality! Be 100% sure you’re comfortable with the status of your beautiful sex organs, and keep on getting it on.

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