Student reports attack to Public Safety


Junior Grace von Seckendorff reported to public safety that a white male struck her knee Friday in the Webster Village Apartments (WVA).

The alleged assailant swatted von Seckendorff’s knee, she said. She recently injured her knee and walked with a cane before the time of the alleged assault. Von Seckendorff said the hit tore a ligament in her knee. Von Seckendorff now walks on crutches. She was not hospitalized.

Von Seckendorff arrived at the front door of her apartment and said she saw an unknown white male standing at the stairs adjacent to her apartment.

The alleged assailant wore a Webster hat, had sandy brown hair and stood at about 6 feet tall, von Seckendorff said.

Von Seckendorff said the unknown assailant laughed at her impaired walk.

“I wasn’t too impressed with that, so I got really angry,” von Seckendorff said. “I didn’t say anything. I didn’t gesture. I just made an angry face because I was just not happy with being laughed at.”

After the alleged assailant saw her face, von Seckendorff said that the male said “Oh really,” and walked towards her. She then swatted at him with her cane, she said.

Shortly after she locked her apartment door, von Seckendorff said she called public safety. The head of housing arrived first, followed by public safety who later called the police, von Seckendorff said.

Von Seckendorff said she’s reported nine people to Phil Storm, Webster’s Title IX coordinator, in her past three semesters at the university.

She said she was lucky to have a cane to ward off the alleged attacker. The unknown male called von Seckendorff an expletive and then ran away, she said.

Von Seckendorff is the acting president of the self defense club at Webster. She said the night before her injury she advised her students to stay alert.

“We’re very conscious about telling our kids [that] this world is crazy. You need to take care of yourself and look out for yourself.”

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