Vaccinations should not be up for debate


Newborn babies are at the prime age of vulnerability against any and all dangers. Even dangers that cannot be seen with the naked eye. A way to fight back against these dangers is through the protection of vaccines. From birth, a child’s immune system is at war.

Smallpox may not bring images of war to your mind but that doesn’t stop it from wreaking havoc on your body. When you have a disease like smallpox it’s like your body is at war with itself.

According to the History of Vaccines, smallpox is the driving force as to why Canada is currently its own sovereign state. The idea of contracting diseases like smallpox, cholera, or measles in today’s first world country sounds almost fictional. We have precautionary measures, vaccinations, to keep us from such pain and suffering. It should be fictional. There is a war being fought just like this daily, but it is not on a typical battlefield. It is in classrooms, playgrounds, and daycares.

In America, the trend of “anti-vaccines” has grown alarmingly. Just one anti-vaxxer is alarming. Parents claim their reason for not vaccinating their children is that the vaccinations themselves host a multitude of dangerous side effects. It is true that each individual carries a genetic predisposition to respond negatively to a vaccine. It is also true that each individual carries a genetic predisposition to contracting and spreading tuberculosis.

The idea of vaccinations gained prominence for causing harmful adverse effects in 1995. First, it was bowel disease. Then it was asthma. Now? Autism.  

We do not know the real, true cause of autism. Multiple studies have concluded that it is caused by both environmental and biological factors.

Anti-vaxxers and critics alike claim there is a connection between the presence of aluminum in vaccines and its affect a child’s development. What else are we giving children that has aluminum in it? Breast milk. Infant formula. Both of which contain more aluminum than any vaccine according to the History of Vaccines.

Unvaccinated children are not only at risk for contracting life-threatening diseases, but they are also putting vaccinated children at risk. An unvaccinated child can contract a preventable disease, that can grow in the body into something unpreventable.

They are a petri dish that grows new and improved illnesses that can be spread to others. The choice to not vaccinate your child is the choice to put the whole world at risk. It is the selfish choice.


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