MCISA hosts comic world event Comic Celebration


The Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs (MCISA) kicked off its second year hosting a Comic Celebration at Webster University with guest speakers, art vendors and comic books.

Katy Marshall, The Program Assistant and Graphic designer for MCISA, said she did not expect last year’s Comic Celebration to be a success. As for this year, she said, the event was more developed because they knew what to expect.

Marshall said Comic Celebration allows students who are passionate about comics or different aspects of art can come to the event and be themselves.

“I love seeing people be themselves because you can see that they are genuinely having a good time,” Marshall said.

Liz Bross, a freshman at Webster who said she reads comics online, but she mainly reads any comics that have animals or creatures in them. She said this event is for people to get together who have a common interest.

Adanma Ojukwu, an interactive digital media and staff for MCISA, said the group wanted to highlight diverse characters in comics that do not have as much representation.

“What you see in a lot of mainstream media, especially before Black Panther, it was a lot of stock character,” Ojukwu said. “You don’t see a lot of representation for yourself, for little kids who want to see themselves in characters.”

Ojukwu said the event gives students the opportunity to dress up and the opportunity to see different art vendors who are Webster students as well as outside vendors. She said people do not see the different aspects of art like comics and she wanted to bring that to Webster.

Ojukwu is getting signatures to have a comic book club on campus. She said the reason some people might hesitate to join the club because they might feel they have to know a lot of characters from different universes and the history in order to be a part of the club

When the club is official, she said, it will be open to everyone.

“I want anybody who is casually into comics or know about the history, knows about one universe like Marvel but not DC or just watch the movie,” Ojukwu said. “I want everyone to feel welcome, learn something and not feel pressure to know a lot about comics.”

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