Galaxy Radio seeks to innovate sports coverage in 2018-19


Sophomore Michael Langston saw both of his parents enter some form of radio in Missouri. This year, he took a step into creating his own path by becoming the Galaxy Radio’s new general manager.

Assuming plans are met and goals are hit, the process for covering Gorloks sporting events will be unlike anything of the past.

Langston, who was promoted to the radio’s General Manager, listed numerous plans the management team has for the Galaxy Radio during the 2018-19 school year. The highlighted ideas  including the livestream of numerous on-campus games, partnering with Ampersand to create a mass communications department, and the creation of 15 to 18 different radio shows.

The Galaxy Radio looked to orchestrate many of these ideas a year ago, but with a lack of resources and time, Langston says that things never broke through.

“We [Langston and radio co-host Glenn Fuselier] were trying to figure out how we could do baseball games, calling baseball games at GCS Ballpark at Sauget,” Langston said.  “I think the problems were just trying to budget out time, finding the necessary resources. We had to have someone back at the station at campus to help manage.”

This year, the group is confident that its preparations this summer will pay off. With the glaring need for a new General Manager to take the place of former holder Brittney Madison, Student Media Coordinator Jim Singer believes that Langston will be the piece capable of helping the Galaxy Radio reach new heights.

“Obviously, you have to have some passion about what you do to do this,” Singer said. “Michael proved that last year in his position as promotion’s director. He’s ambitious. He’s focused. He’s diligent. He’s got a lot of energy, so that all takes a role.”

Langston will bring plenty of experience and a strong support system to this year’s aspirations. Both of his parents have been St. Louis radio personalities for two decades, and have offered advice on ways to improve his own brand.

His father, Mark Langston worked as a mid-day DJ, music director and assistant program director at WIL-FM, and contributed as an afternoon DJ for KSD-FM / The Bull. Langston’s mother, Maria Langston, worked as the Promotions and Marketing Director at WIL AM&FM, KHITS 96, Y98, KEZK and Z107.7. The two have also shown support for Langston by listening in during his on-air performances.

“I don’t think Michael’s mom or I have missed any of his shows on The Galaxy Radio,” Mark Langston said.  “Michael has a genuine passion for sports.  He really knows as much about sports as any sports broadcaster I know.”

Together, the two were also owners of a local radio station in Springfield for 13 years. Michael, who will be entering an important year for his own Galaxy Radio program, believes this support will go a long way towards his own development.

“[Mark and Maria] really helped me to understand, ‘This is probably what you need to say instead of that. This is probably what you need to do instead of that,” Langston said. “They know how it is done.”

Outside of the Galaxy Radio’s major goals, Singer and Langston both believed that improvements needed to be made to social media accessibility and viewership on the radio statements.

Citing his goals of seamlessly transitioning into its new space (the full renovation is expected to be done September 17) and connecting with other Webster University communications groups will be the most effective ways to propel the Galaxy Radio with not only sports, but with all aspects.

Should the group prove successful in its plans to do sports radio broadcasts and livestreams, it would represent a form of sports coverage that has yet to be orchestrated by Galaxy Radio in the past.

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