SGA presidential candidates pitch, debate platforms



Zoe Burton joined the Student Government Association (SGA) to bring more diversity to the organization. She said she is a proud black woman with confidence in her abilities and skills. She was the ambassador for student inclusion last semester and became the vice president late January of this semester.

“When I see something that has a lot of potential or that we could do better, I’m adamant about either changing it or doing what it takes to get to be better so it can be more effective to the people we’re serving; the students,” Burton said.

Burton is running for SGA president with the campaign slogan “unity, progress and change.” Burton believes change will only happen when SGA works in unity with the student body toward progress.

As president, Burton wants to increase the support of student organizations outside of SGA. She wants to strengthen the unity between SGA members themselves and create an accepting atmosphere. She also wants to make sure the works of SGA is transparent and available to the student body.

“If someone votes me in that’s because I know what they need already, not just waiting to hear from a survey,” Burton said. “I know what y’all need so here, put me in a place so I can help you.”

While on SGA, Burton worked on the Inclusion Pledge campaign, Heritage week and interviewed Dr. Donald Suggs, owner of the newspaper St. Louis American.


Isaiah Santiago is currently studying at Webster’s campus in Thailand and returns in May. He said the biggest thing for his Student Government Association (SGA) presidential campaign is holding the administration accountable.

“We feel like the students have been sidelined when some requests are made,” Santiago said.

Santiago wants to work on bridging the division between students and faculty, not only on the home campus, but also on the global campuses. He believes the unification and interconnectivity of SGA on the global campuses is essential.

“With having coalition of SGA governments, we would be able to address the administration in a more constructive front and with more of a solid stance,” Santiago said.

Lastly, Santiago believes SGA members need to be in unity when running the organization. He said empowering each student is a key facet for his campaign for a general healthy student body.

Santiago said he wants to make sure all the students and faculty are on the same page. He said it is important to be aware of what they need, how they need it and when they need it.

As SGA president, Santiago wants to focus on the LGBTQ+ community and ensure they have access to gender-neutral bathrooms and safe space in every building on campus.

Santiago was the dorm representative on SGA in Vienna. He created a forum to make it easier for students to host events on campus.


Vladimir Radojkovic was a senator-at-large last semester and later took over for Zoe Burton as ambassador for student inclusion in February. Radojkovic thinks there is no way to make Webster a better place than running for Student Government Association (SGA) president.

Radojkovic wants to not just listen to students, but actually turn the thoughts into action. He said SGA is here to create a better experience for all students.

“I don’t want students to feel homesick or bored,” Radojkovic said. “If I can give support for other students, it will really be a great thing.”

Radojkovic wants to extend gym hours, especially on the weekends when commuters are off campus. He also wants to work toward hosting more events on weekends for residents and international students with no family here.

“My policies are very clear on what I want to do,” Radojkovic said. “Our job is to take care of Webster students, that’s our job. We are in charge of the student body, we represent them.”

Radojkovic wants to advocate for a more diverse faculty. He believes Webster should take advantage of its global campuses and bring professors from different campuses to the home campus.

As ambassador for student inclusion, Radojkovic hosted Soul Night honoring Black History Month. He raised $200 for people in Flint, Mich. He put together a flower give-away for Women’s Day and screened a civil rights movie done by Webster students.


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