Elena Bloma wins SLIAC Defensive Player of the Year


Senior defenseman Elena Bloma finished off her final season winning several accolades.  She was named St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SLIAC) All-Conference First Team and Defensive Player of the Year.

Bloma began her career early at the encouragement of her parents.

“I started playing soccer around the age of 10,” Bloma said. “Soccer has always been watched in my family and my family and friends helped me get started, and pushed me to play on a team.”

During her collegiate career, Bloma was part of a team that won season conference titles all four years, as well as the SLIAC tournament three of those four years.

This year we went 19-2, which does not happen by luck, but by everyone on the team giving it their all,” Bloma said.  

Head coach Luigi Scire said Bloma was the perfect fit in his defensive scheme.  

“There was no better player to take the assignment of defending the opposition’s best forward,” Scire said. “Some challenges can be difficult. For Elena, the challenges were opportunities to showcase her talents.”

Bloma attributes the team’s success to team chemistry.

“It starts with communication and being there for each other,” Bloma said. “Such as encouraging each other to push on and keep working hard. Also staying positive and picking up for each other, cause everyone will make mistakes on the field at some point.”

Scire agreed with Bloma and said team chemistry is very important.  

“The players cared more about the success of the team than the success they achieved as an individual,” Bloma said. “The relationships our student athletes have developed and their memories will be the legacy of this program.”

She normally works out five times a week during the season and tries to work out at least three times during the offseason. Practices last for 90 minutes. Bloma’s least favorite thing to do is to warm up, even though she endures it every practice.

Bloma said she tried playing forward and midfield, but said she is more comfortable on defense.

“I enjoy having the role to prevent the other team from scoring,” Bloma said. “If they can’t score, they can’t win. Also being in the back line you get to see the whole field and play.”

Bloma has no plans to play after college; however, she looks forward to playing in a competitive outdoor league during the summer at Soccer Park in Fenton.

Bloma said it is hard to pick what her favorite soccer memory is because she has so many memories of her career.

“I would say an absolute favorite would just being able to play the sport I love with my teammates who have become such an important part of my life,” Bloma said. “They are some of my very closest friends. We get to spend hours together everyday and share memories with each other.”


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