How I have come to know I am a psychic medium


I was in the middle of making myself some dinner as usual. The television show “Impractical Jokers played in the background. My dog Mocah kept running around and occasionally barked, but other than that I was completely alone. I heard a thump noise and turned around, expecting to see Mocah wagging her tail. My eyes grew big as I saw a blurry apparition of someone dressed in white standing a few inches away from me. 

There was always something different about me, but I never really noticed it until last year. As a child, I was interested in old things like houses, antiques and the history behind people who walked the Earth long before I came around. I started to picture things happening in my mind and then those thoughts would come true. It started off small like knowing what someone was going to say before they said it. I assumed everyone experienced the things I was going through and so I never gave it another thought. But after recent events, I found out I am a psychic medium. 

I had a friend in high school who I eventually lost contact with. He came across my mind one day while I was on my way home from work. I randomly thought about what would happen if he died. Would I go to his funeral? Who would I see there? I became really upset at this idea in my head and wondered how I could think about such an awful thing. A week later he passed away unexpectedly.

Fear and sadness took over me. I was afraid that everything I was thinking about would come true. I went to 3 different psychics and they all said the same thing. “You’re a sensitive.” They explained how I can speak with the dead and I can also see things that haven’t happened yet. That’s when things started to make sense. The random doors closing, strange figures I couldn’t explain, the list of occasions where I pictured something in my mind and soon after it would happen. 

I’ve come to accept these abilities, but it’s not something I typically advertise. Most of my close friends don’t even know the extent of it because I don’t want them to think I’m fabricating what I go through or that I’m crazy. Telling everyone you  occasionally see dead people and see the future isn’t something you announce too often. I don’t see full body apparitions very often, but I constantly sense them. I see shadows and hear my name being called when no one is by me. When I’m in the presence of a spirit I get extremely emotional, they provide me with symbols or they cause me to get nauseous.

I was on my way to class one day and I had a vision of myself getting hit by a car. No more than 30 seconds later, someone who did not look both ways almost hit me. My hands slammed against their car as I yelled for them to stop. If I had not been alert due to the vision I had seconds prior, I would have been hit by the car. That’s the day I knew the events in my life were not just coincidences. 

I  have always believed spirits exist and I think that’s what has made me so accessible to receive these types of abilities. I know I was born with them because certain family members of mine have experienced some of the same abilities as me. In no way, shape or form, do I worship the devil as some may assume. I am 100 percent Christian. I look at it as a gift. I’m able to spiritually connect, feel and see things that aren’t in our world.

I’m learning new things about my abilities as each day passes and I would really like to use these tools to help people. I would like to help the spirits who are lost and help family members find closure with loved ones. Some people think it’s evil to believe in anything other than just a certain religion, but I don’t see it that way. I’m helping lost souls find their way to the light by letting them understand what happened to them or relaying messages to their loved ones. That’s a beautiful thing and I want every part in it.

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