The new Gorlok statue is currently in a money bag

Photo by Melissa Buelt
Photo by Melissa Buelt

Webster’s new Gorlok statue seems to be the victim of vandalism: the mascot has been covered by a bag sporting a large dollar sign.

The 3 foot, nine and a half inch mascot statue, which debuted on the quad at the beginning of this semester, was paid for by donations. The “Project Gorlok” fundraising campaign was run through Webster’s Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Activities office. The final cost of the statue was $13,000.

The statue, located between Sverdrup and the Emerson Library appears to have been bagged and tied inside of the bag. There is no sign so far of who made the creative addition, or what messages it is intended to convey.
The Journal will update this story as it develops. Read The Journal’s original story about the Gorlok statue here. 

Update: The addition was removed soon after it appeared. It seems to have been a project of a Webster art student, but the identity of the artist, and the intent behind the piece, are still unknown.

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  1. The money bag represents how literally every student hates that 13,000 dollars we spent to make a tiny Gorlok statue that just sits there.

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