Saturday Night Live regular Aidy Bryant performs at Webster’s Community Music School


Comedian Aidy Bryant’s lively personality came out on the stage when she visited Webster University for a one night performance.

Students gathered in the Community Music School and laughed along with Saturday Night Live regular Bryant as the fall headliner. Bryant performed with College Humor veteran Streeter Seidell on Sept. 8.

Bryant began by talking about Webster’s mascot — the Gorlok.

“I love it because you’re not a witch, not a warlock, we want a Gorlok,” Bryant said “Well, what is a Gorlok? It must be like a gender neutral witch.”

Bryant was fascinated when she read up on it to find out it was a cheetah combined with a buffalo and a pinch of a saint bernard.

“I truly love it. I was shocked and rocked, what sounds does that animal make?” Bryant said. “I actually get it though, I have a deep connection with saint bernards as well.”

Throughout the show, both Seidell and Bryant kept people laughing and also interacting with the audience.

Bryant invited two volunteers on stage — both freshmen. She asked them to move closer then handed them each a stack of flashcards to hold and read when it was their turn. It was a classic ‘boy meets girl’ scenario with added humor.

Freshman music education major Tim Walden was one of the volunteers chosen to go on stage with Bryant. He said he had never been on stage aside from drama club and was nervous the entire time.

“I got to hug Aidy Bryant — that’s ridiculous.” Walden said. “I can cross that off my bucket list.”

Bryant performed a few characters for the crowd when she visited Webster University. Her first character was a lady separated from her group of friends, followed by a shocked elegant woman. The last character she acted out was Adele, a popular impression from Saturday Night Live.

“Yeah my first album was called 19, the second 21 and my third album I’m going to call 69,” Bryant said in her Adele accent from the show.

Junior film production major Beni Kimuene has seen Seidell in skits on College Humor. As a film student, he also attended last years fall headliner, Spike Lee.

“I’m a big fan of the show,”  Kimuene said. “I have never heard of Aidy Bryant until actually today.”

Sophomore film studies and political science major Zoe Burton said she has watched Bryant on Saturday Night Live and was excited when she found out she was coming to Webster.

“Aidy Bryant was lit,” Burton said. “I was probably the first person to run up and get my ticket from the UC.”

Burton said she prefers to attend a comedy show over a more serious spoken word performance.

“It’s so much more fun and more entertaining because you get to laugh for like an hour and a half,” Burton said “I’m down for that.”

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