Webster, Nerinx Hall agree to share parking


Webster University has reached an agreement with Nerinx Hall High School that will allow Nerinx students access to some parking spots on Webster’s campus.

Webster’s construction of a parking garage expansion necessitated building over a small parking lot used by Nerinx students. The lot contained 47 parking spaces. Nerinx agreed to allow Webster the use of the lot in exchange for the use of spaces in the garage.

“They’ve been boxed in by development and they are in desperate need to parking,” said Patrick Giblin, director of public relations at Webster.

Currently, 47 parking passes to the garage have been distributed to Nerinx students, to compensate for the number of spaces in the now-closed lot. Giblin said that the university chose not to block off these spaces because the number of students who use their passes changes from day to day.

When construction is completed, 107 specific parking spaces will be allocated to Nerinx students, which they will access through a separate entrance in the new garage.
The expansion of the parking garage will ultimately add 820 new parking spaces to campuses and is expected to be completed in 2017.

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