Chinese students begin two-year stay at Webster campus


Twenty-one students from began their two-year stay at Webster University this semester.

The Beijing Language and Culture University (BCLU has sent these 21 students to Webster as part of a dual-enrollment program that will grant them degrees from both universities when they graduate.

Undergraduate Advising Director Kim Kleinman said Webster hopes to build on this model with other students from around the world.

“The Academic Advising staff has worked with our colleagues from Webster’s China campus, the Center for International Education, International Admissions, the Global Citizenship Program Committee and Beijing Language and Cultural University itself to evaluate what these students bring in from BLCU and how it fits in with our majors and requirements,” Kleinman said.

Dual-Enrollment student Runze Cao is studying International Relations said she is enjoying Webster with the help of Kleinman and others.

“My advisor Kim pushed this program and then so many others like Debbie Pierce helped make it come true. I’m able to learn about things we might not have discussed in China and we have enough freedom to discuss topics related to the course during class,” Cao said.

Reporting by Webster Newsroom

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