Emily VanCamp talks ‘Captain America: Civil War’


Actress Emily VanCamp is best known for her small-screen work on ABC’s Scandal.  Today, she dons battle gear and kicks butt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

VanCamp stars in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War as Sharon Carter, a former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D who now works in Berlin as a member of the Joint Terror Taskforce. VanCamp previously portrayed the character in the previous Captain America film, The Winter Soldier.

“We were really planting a seed in the Winter Soldier,” VanCamp said. “Cap didn’t even know that she was Sharon Carter within that film.

After the death of Captain America’s former love interest Peggy Carter, he finds out who Sharon really is.

“[That] just inevitably deepens their connection because of obviously the shared tie with Peggy,” VanCamp said.

VanCamp said Sharon faces issues of loyalty in the film.  After an international incident involving the Avengers, the government prepares to halt superhero activity until needed. Captain America stands on the opposing end, and Sharon finds herself fighting with her loyalty to him.

“Her job is at stake if she’s helping Cap,” VanCamp said.  “That’s the bottom-line, but we really see her sort of follow her heart rather than her head, I suppose, which is cool.”

The film marks the second collaboration between VanCamp and the directors of the film, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo.  VanCamp said having two heads on a massive blockbuster like this works because they were really able to multitask, which led to great performances and great effects. It also provided a tremendous rapport on set.

“It’s double the power,” VanCamp said.

VanCamp said playing the role is not only fun, but one where she hopes to empower young girls.

“I think Marvel’s really trying to diversify, they’re really sort of incorporating more women in these great parts,” VanCamp said.

VanCamp’s acting background comes from television, but she said it helped her get into the big screen realm.

“I always say that having a TV background is amazing, because you move so fast and you really have to be quick on your toes, which kind of prepares you for anything that’s thrown at you,” VanCamp said.

Captain America: Civil War will be released this Friday, May 6 in theatres.

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