Webster to host second diversity conference in 2017


Webster University hosted Embracing Diversity and Inclusion Conference on Feb. 29- March 1 at the home campus to promote equality among students, communities and the administration. The university announced they will host the conference next year March 1-2, 2017. 

The conference included topics on disabilities, relationships across religious boundaries, transgender identity and race relations. Throughout the event, members of the audience were allowed to ask questions and make suggestions to panel members.

Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Nicole Roach is taking the beginning steps needed to form a Student Diversity Council. .

The Diversity and Inclusion Working Groups announced in December they said will help strengthen the institution’s commitment to comprehensive excellence as well as conducting an internal assessment to determine historical and current status:

Academic Curriculum: Courses and Programs Student Success: Admission, Retention and Graduation Rates

Co-Chairs: Simone Cummings and Dani MacCartney

Finance: Affordability and Scholarships Priorities for University Funding: Events, Programs, Facilities for students

Co-Chairs: Ted Hoef and Eric Rhiney

Diversity of Employees: Faculty and Staff Education/Training for Employees and Students

Co-Chairs: Sanela Bejdic and Nicole Roach

By the end of 2016, the groups are set to produce a set of recommendations and outline the timeline for their application including more all-gender facilities with improved signage and maps for restrooms across campus as well as a new space for interfaith use.

Visit the Diversity and Inclusion website for any information and updates, http://www.webster.edu/diversity-inclusion.

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