Webster student offers personal training on campus


Webster University senior Shane Jenne is trying to become one of the solutions to a common health problem.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an organization that works to prevent health, safety and security threats in the United States, 5.2 million college students are considered obese due to lack of exercise and bad eating habits.

Jenne, an audio major, said that straight out of high school, he did not have an exact idea of what he wanted to do. He did theater in high school and played music his entire life and figured that was his best fit.

Shane Jenne, president of the Gorlok Fitness Club, works out with some Webster students to help them reach their fitness goal. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

At the beginning of his freshman year, Jenne weighed 240 pounds and through his first year in college added 30 more pounds. He was not happy with the way he looked at himself.

“It was truly embarrassing to be that big,” Jenne said. “From often pulling my shirt down to make sure my stomach wasn’t sticking out, to profusely sweating after performing basic, low-intensity activities.”

He said that was when he knew he had to change.

It wasn’t until the spring semester of his junior year that  he interviewed Dave Reddy, a personal trainer at the Webster Groves Recreation Center, and was convinced to get into exercise science.

From there, Jenne studied for his personal training certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and passed the certification test in October of 2015.

Jenne is currently the program student supervisor of the University Center (UC) fitness center and the president of the Gorlok Fitness Club. The free organization develops a fitness program for each individual who joins the club.

On top of that, Jenne runs his own personal training program in the UC center.

Currently, Jenne has seven clients that train under him, all Webster students. Sessions cost $20 each, or you can buy multiple at a discounted rate.

Sessions are scheduled around the client’s availability, Jenne said. They are usually in the early morning Monday through Friday, though there are some evening sessions scheduled.

“I want to share my knowledge with the world,” Jenne said. “I want to teach people the three areas that I felt were the most important within my own weight loss journey — fitness, nutrition and sleep.”

Jenne also has a blog, shanejenne.com, people can follow that emphasizes the idea of fitness, nutrition and sleep with the proper mindset to help balance every other aspect of one’s life. Jenne says it is his way of giving back to people by giving them what they deserve.

The overall goal is “coaching young adults in creating positive lifestyle changes in fitness, nutrition and sleep to look and feel the way they deserve,” Jenne said.

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