Cell phones stolen in UC locker room


Nine cell phones were stolen from the women’s locker room in the University Center Friday, Feb. 26.

The person who stole the phones is not known, Webster University Athletic Director Scott Kilgallon said.

He said the culprit walked into the locker room while the women’s team was practicing. The phones were not put away.

Webster University Public Safety (WUPS) and the Webster Groves Police Department (WGPD both responded, Kilgallon added.

The phones were tracked to somewhere in East St. Louis, Ill. but were not recovered.

“Once we saw they had left campus, [we knew we were] probably not going to see them again,” Kilgallon said. “We were hoping. That’s why we acted really quickly getting both departments involved.” 

Currently, there are no new policies that are in place as a result of the theft, but Kilgallon said the incident  is a reminder to make sure people lock up their items and do not leave personal belongings in the open.

WUPS and WGPD were unable to comment because it is an active investigation.

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