Politickin’ Me Off: Donald Trump: the biggest pity party on the campaign trail


It is hard to have a political column and not write about Donald Trump, so here we go.

We all know Trump is a racist and misogynistic person, and if you do not know that, you are probably voting for him. Let me try to change that.

I recently saw a video compilation of people being kicked out of Trump’s rallies. Guess what they looked like – not white. He asked innocent people who literally said nothing and did no more than stand there, to leave.

By “asked them to leave,” he stood at his own altar and watched as the summoned security forcefully removed human beings.
African-Americans, Latinos and Muslims are just a few of the victims of Trump’s reign. However, they are not suffering from it. In their strength, they are making him look so much dumber.
The thing is that Trump does not care. In fact, he loves it. Like a stupid sixteen-year-old, he will do anything he can to be popular regardless of any negative feedback he receives.

What I thought was if you are running for president of the United States, you would want everyone on your side. You would welcome any support you could get and, like any politician, say what people want to hear.

GRAPHIC BY: Amber Williams
GRAPHIC BY: Amber Williams

Swoon people, make them feel good and look like the best thing they could ever have. Be a good boyfriend, basically. Rather than romance our country, Trump is lowering his standards and really ruining the first date.

One pair in particular that was shown to the door was a Muslim couple who simply stood up in the crowd, wearing traditional clothing.
One look at them and Trump interrupted his own speech to address the “issue” and waited patiently until they were escorted out of the building. What is even sicker is how the rest of the crowd reacted cheering.

People clapped for Trump and booed at the couple, waving their support signs and representing the ugly side of America.
It seems that Trump has forgotten a few very important documents: the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution’s first amendment bans any law against religion or the practice thereof. So what does Trump do? Literally the opposite.

Asking someone to leave because you do not agree with their religion or lifestyle is violating the First Amendment. It is the first rule and he cannot even follow that one.
There was one white guy Trump kicked out, but for a different reason. Holding a sign and chanting, “Trump’s a racist,” he found himself being manhandled and on his way out.

Trump cannot handle being called out on what he says. If you are a racist, you will probably be called one. If you are a hateful, narcissistic person, you will probably be called one.
We can also call him a hypocrite, thanks to Stephen Colbert.

On Colbert’s show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he satirically moderated an all-Trump debate featuring Trump calling himself out. This video compilation was a back-and-forth of contradictory statements Trump has made during his time in the spotlight.

He mentions hating Hillary Clinton, even though he previously said he loved her. He mentions how much he loves Iowa with the “rebuttal” being the comment “How stupid are the people in Iowa?”

What a great guy.

If you are a Trump supporter, you are probably pretty die-hard. This issue is hard to sway anyone on, but while I could go on forever trying, we can look at the facts.
Trump is picking and choosing his supporters. To ask a black man to leave a rally simply because he is black is not OK. According to the Declaration of Independence, all men are created equal, right?

That means no discrimination and no judgment. No bias and no criticising. No exclusion.
During the time the Declaration was written, “all men” literally meant just men. No women. Interpretations of both documents have changed over the years to accommodate to modern times, but in today’s world, “all men” means everybody.

I would hope that anyone in office would stay true to the very foundation our country was built on. This is America for a reason.
One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. All means everyone. Since Mr. Donald obviously does not feel this way, he can Trump off.

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