Politickin’ me off: Mother Trumper – 2016 election already underway


The 2016 presidential election is a little over a year away, which means there is a good 13 to 14 months left of debates and commercials. For me, I hate politics. I have never voted and said I never would. However I was made aware of how wrong my mentality was towards politics when I started hearing about the one and only Donald Trump. It was time to do some research.

I heard the misogynistic comments and while they were offensive, I just rolled my eyes over his stupid social faux pas. Then, during the first Republican president debate, moderator Megyn Kelly questioned Trump about his past comments about women. He brushed aside the criticism, and according to a CNN article on Aug. 10, later commented, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

At this point, the little feminist hidden inside me raised an eyebrow and tilted her head to the side. I am not sure what made Trump think this was an appropriate thing to say, but he said it.

According to the same CNN article, Trump later said he cherished women and “only a sick person would even think about that.” Apparently he forgot that debate was recorded and shown live to the entire nation. He not only thought it, but he also said it, making him the “sick person” he so innocently refers to.

There is far more to that particular story, but before I could get too deep in it, I heard his loving remarks about the rapists and killers of not just Mexico, but of all illegal immigrants.

In an interview with Fox News’ Bob O’Reilly, he said he would not take those comments back because they were “totally accurate.” He continued to say the border was a “disaster.”

Trump did an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union With Jake Tapper and gave a very unconvincing argument of how he actually “loves the Mexican people” and did business with them.

He countered his own argument by saying while some Mexicans are good, others are bad. He did not seem to offer much evidence as to why either of these statements were true, or how it was relevant to immigration policy – other than apparently speaking to border patrol police who used the same creative adjective to describe the situation: bad.

Similar to an old white guy screaming at kids from his front porch, he said, “I’m not just saying Mexicans. I’m talking about people that are from all over that are killers and rapists.” However, he did not name any other countries where these horrible people originated.

One might wonder, how will Mr. Trump solve this pressing issue? Do not worry because he has a well thought out plan. He is going to make Mexico build a wall.

In the same Tapper interview, Trump said Mexico does not treat us well, that they treat us as stupid people. Tapper said the government of Mexico called those comments “prejudicial and absurd.” I am not sure if Mexico really thinks Americans are stupid, but after that Trump stunt I would be on their side.

Trump continued to pour his heart out and let Tapper know Mexico “makes a fortune because of us.” It is with this money they will build the said wall. Well, what if Mexico does not want to construct this barrier? Trump said he would do something “very severe” unless they somehow provided funds for this.

In his own words from the Tapper interview, he would build the wall himself if this financial requirement was not met and said “I’m very good at building things.”

The old white guy on the front porch is starting to sound like the old senile man who got lost outside and is now terrorizing the community with his insanity. While Trump does well in polls of Republican voters, his most visible supporters are those who, according to The Daily Tar Heel on Aug. 28, screamed “white power” at his rally in Alabama.

It is because of instances like these where I feel he will lose voters. In the progressive world we live in now, racism and misogyny should be words to avoid.

His forte is when he is firing people while sitting behind his big table in his big tower. Maybe he should stay up there for his own sake. He would then be protected from criminals and menstruation.

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