PHOTO: Halloween style on a budget


Halloween is quickly approaching, and Savers is helping people on a budget get in the spirit of the holiday.

Savers is a national thrift store with several local locations. Every Thursday at 3 p.m., Savers hosts free “Halloween costume catwalk” fashion shows, displaying the season’s popular looks for adults and children.

The show, full of colorful and kooky costumes, provides viewers with the inside scoop on the latest Halloween costume trends.

With a perfect spot to gain inspiration, the Savers team displayed several creative ensembles.

Costume consultants at Savers assist shoppers in finding an affordable look.

In addition to its fashion shows, Savers also released a Halloween Trends Report for the year of 2015.

According to this survey, 51 percent of Halloween enthusiasts get their ideas from current events, entertainment or pop culture.

Nearly 30 percent of survey participants believe that the social media-famous “white and gold or black and blue?” dress will inspire the most costumes. Of course, the traditional Halloween costumes are sure to be seen as well: ghosts, witches and zombies still remain classic choices.

Savers President Ken Alterman said he sees more demand for new and used Halloween merchandise every year.

“With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, we expect adults and children alike to celebrate with multiple parties and costumes,” Alterman said.

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