UPDATED: Athletic department pushes for re-purposing University Center pool


Updated at 6:31 p.m. Sept. 21

After final voting closed Sept. 17, the votes were tallied and re-purposing of the University Center pool did not receive the number of votes needed to be presented at the next Delegates’ Agenda.

The five topics that will be presented are:

  • Security cameras in key location around campus
  • Fresher food options at on-campus dining options
  • Public course evaluations
  • Budget student employment
  • Student communication plans

These five topics will be presented in front of Webster University Administration at the next Delegates’ Agenda Oct. 6.


At the Delegates’ Agenda Caucus for the 2015 school year, one of the ten proposed items was the idea of finding ways to repurpose the UC pool area for other uses.

The ‘Involved@Webster’ websites states, “this proposal would serve to investigate alternate uses of the University Center pool space.  This could be through complete re-use of the space or by investigating value added options for the existing space.”

The idea behind re-purposing the pool is to fix the problem of limited space for athletics and students who use the athletic facilities.

“We are pretty much over-capacity right now,” Scott Kilgallon, director of athletics at Webster University, said. “We’ve got people working out in the hallway and in the gym and just wherever we can get space.”

The space is needed to compensate for the growing athletic department since the University Center building was built in 1993. In 2009, there were 190 student-athletes at Webster University. In 2015, Webster has around 320.

“One of my goals is to grow the athletics program,” Kilgallon said. “To do that, you need to have facilities to accommodate the need.”

Re-purposing the pool would give the University a way to better utilize an already under-utilized space.

“I feel it has a good opportunity to be better utilized by the institution,” Matt Saitz, strength and conditioning coach, said. “whether it be staff or students or faculty… I think if it were re-purposed, that would be a potentially strong idea.”

Better and newer facilities are also seen as another recruit point for not only athletes, but students as well.

“You’re trying to give the student-athletes the best student-athlete experience possible. And facilities is one of the areas that helps you achieve that goal,” Kilgallon said.

To continue the growth of the University, the athletic department believes that is starts with new facilities.

“We’d love to grow further, but for us to grow you have to have that infrastructure support, which is facilities…” Kilgallon said.

Five of the ten topics at the Delegates’ Agenda will be decided through voting online to find the most important issues to present in front of the faculty.

Voting for the Delegates’ Agenda topics ends Thursday night, Sept. 17.



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