Turn lane to be added to busy Webster intersection


Two years after discussions began, Webster University and the city of Webster Groves have reached an agreement regarding construction on campus.

In order to proceed with construction on an expansion to the parking garage, the university will have to pay to implement a left turn lane at the intersection of Edgar Road and Garden Avenue.

Construction of the left turn lane was originally priced at $1 million. But a press release by the university states that the city of Webster Groves has agreed to provide the university with resources and expertise to lower the cost to approximately $386,000.

The agreement signals a conclusion to the negotiations essential to the construction of the new Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB) on campus. The first step is the construction of the left lane at Edgar Road and Garden Avenue. Once the lane is complete Webster will be clear to expand the parking garage.

In an email  to The Journal Webster University  Director of Public Relations Patrick Giblin said “It marks the first major step toward completion of the Interdisciplinary Science Building. The lane was a condition of being allowed to expand the parking garage, which will meet the parking requirements of the new Interdisciplinary Science Building.”

During negotiations the university proposed reprogramming the current traffic signals to give southbound traffic a green arrow before northbound traffic could proceed. In the same email Giblin said, “The council ultimately decided that a left-turn lane was needed.”

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