WU offers scholarship to community college transfer students


A new scholarship program will begin in March for community college students planning on transferring to Webster University as part-time students. Students could receive up to a $4,000 cost reduction on tuition per year.

The scholarships are available to community college transfer students who plan to enroll at Webster’s Gateway, Westport, Winghaven or the Webster Groves campus for the 2015 Spring 2, Summer or Fall 1 or 2 terms.

All applicants who are enrolling as part-time students at Webster University and are transferring from a community college will be considered for the scholarship automatically. Students can receive up to $200 for each credit hour taken at Webster University, with a maximum of five credits for each eight-week term.

Eligibility requirements for the scholarship include: being a new student to Webster University, having a community college transcript, having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, enrolling at campuses that offer the scholarship and enrolling continuously from term to term in 2015. Students must also maintain good academic standing during each term at Webster.

As of now, the scholarship is short-term and may not be available in 2016. After the 2015 terms are over, the university will examine the outcome of the scholarship and determine if the program was successful enough to continue.

For more information about the scholarships on the home campus in Webster Groves, contact Christina Gilbert at 314-246-7882 or at cgilbert26@webster.edu. For more information about the scholarships at the Gateway, Westport or Winghaven campuses, contact Thao Dang Williams at 314-246-8757 or at thaodangwilliams@webster.edu.


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