The Journal awaits Obama’s College Promise


Not everyone has the opportunity to attend college in the United States, but with America’s College Promise plan, proposed by President Barack Obama on Jan. 9, Americans could receive two years of community college for free.

The Journal not only hopes the bill will pass, but thinks it is long overdue. The United States is a progressive country, yet education after high school is difficult to obtain without financial stability.

Other countries around the world not only offer free college for eligible citizens, but also offer their programs to foreigners. Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Norway and Slovenia all offer free higher education. Why has it taken the United States so long to realize free college should be a main priority?

Under America’s College Promise, government funding would cover full tuition for qualifying community college programs as long as the student maintains a 2.5 GPA. An estimated 9 million students would benefit from this plan.

Though the bill may not pass due to the  $60 million cost projected over the next decade, The Journal is glad the issue has been raised.

With American’s College Promise coming forward, and the critiques that are due to come with it, Congress will be in a position to present better alternatives and workable solutions that could give Americans more opportunity for success.

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