Webster searches for new London campus


On Dec. 1, Webster University announced a 24-month plan to find a new location for its London campus. The university will halt undergraduate enrollment for this region until the search process is completed.

During a live university webcast, Webster University Provost Julian Schuster said Webster students will still be able to study abroad through Regent’s University and Webster’s program in London while a new location is found. All undergraduates who are currently enrolled are expected to complete their degrees during the 24-month search process.

Regent’s University, formerly Regent’s College, earned accreditation in 2012, allowing them to offer and grant degrees to students. Webster’s program offered students in the United Kingdom an opportunity to earn an American degree while studying at Regent’s College.

Schuster said Regent’s accreditation led to Webster ending its partnership with Regent’s.

“That effectively reduced our long partnership to the fact that Webster University became a college within Regent’s University. Due to Regent’s ability to offer its own degrees, we concluded it was in the best interest for both institutions to continue in their own ways,” Schuster said.

Webster partnered with Regent’s College in 1994 after Webster opened its first location in London in 1986. Currently, Webster has 400 students enrolled at the London campus, including undergraduates and graduates.

In an article on Webster Today, London Campus Director Bill Lynch said he is excited to find a fitting location for Webster’s London students. He said Webster’s presence in London is a vital part of the university’s network.

Schuster said finding a new partnership and location in London is an important part of Webster’s new strategic plan.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us, as we are moving towards a new strategic planning process, as we are embarking our centennial, and we are going to spare no efforts to find a truly exciting partnership and a truly exciting location for our students,” Schuster said.

Webster University is requesting input and suggestions on the future of the London campus from the university’s community.


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