Webster Groves City Council grants CUP to university, following judge’s order


The Webster Groves City Council voted to grant Webster University a conditional use permit (CUP,) enabling the university to use the facilities purchased from Eden Theological Seminary in 2012.

The granting of the CUP from the city came as a result of Judge Mark Seigel’s ruling from the university and Eden’s lawsuit against the city on May 21. On Aug. 20, 2013, the city council voted to deny the university’s CUP, 4-3. The city’s plan commission had voted unanimously for approval of the CUP request.

Seigel said the decision to deny a CUP to the university was not supported by competent and substantial evidence. He ordered the decision be reversed, remanded and instructed a CUP be issued to the university within 60 days. The vote, which took place at the July 1 city council meeting, came 42 days after the ruling.

The CUP was granted to the university 6-1, with Council Member Kathy Hart voting to again deny the request.

The CUP grants the university use of the Luhr Library and the Wehrli Center on Eden’s campus.

The Webster Journal will update this story as information becomes available.

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