DATA: Staff Salaries of Top U.S. Chess Programs (’07-’13)



– Figures are approximate and rounded to the nearest dollar

– 99.4% of requested payroll detail is present. The remaining 0.6% would require an excessive amount of university resources to obtain.
– Data on student worker pay is not included
– Salary related to chess program

– In FY2009, Palatnik’s pay was boosted by a $4,000 grant, as well as $9,000 in state funding. In FY2010, Palatnik’s salary again was boosted by a $6,000 grant.

Texas Tech
– Susan Polgar and Paul Truong’s salaries for FY2012 represent three-quarters worth of yearly pay. Had the couple stayed at Texas Tech, their salaries would have been $132,225 and $78,795, respectively. Al Lawrence’s FY2012 represents only 1.5 months of pay. Had Lawrence been employed for a full year, his pay would have been $77,500 in FY2012.
– Due to exorbitant costs, The Journal was unable to obtain pay information for chess financials prior to FY2011.

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