New tax documents reveal 2012 administrative pay


Top administrative base salaries at Webster University rose at a rate slightly greater than inflation from 2011 to 2012, according to university tax documents. The documents obtained by The Journal on Friday, April 18, reveal the compensation for 10 current and former administrators. The university dispersed $160,000 in bonus pay in 2012, equal to amount awarded in 2011.

According to the documents, President Elizabeth Stroble, Provost Julian Schuster, Chief Financial Officer Greg Gunderson, former University Secretary Lara Rein and former Vice President of Development and Alumni Programs Faith Maddy were recipients of at-risk compensation. A form of bonus pay, at-risk compensation is used to entice administrators to stay with the university.

Interviewed in July 2013, Patrick Giblin, university spokesperson, said when the university conducted an employee compensation study in 2010, it showed “some employees were at risk of literally being offered higher-paying jobs at other locations.” A board of trustees committee approved the 2012 at-risk compensation.

In 2010, the human-resources firm Mercer conducted a review of compensation for the president, provost, deans and all other members of the administrative leadership.

“Salaries that were below market median were adjusted to the median in 2011,” the tax documents read. “The president’s compensation is recommended by the board executive committee on an annual basis. Increases in base compensation since that time for this group have not exceeded the increase amount awarded to other employees of the organization.”

According to data from the Chronicle of Higher Education, Webster’s administrative salary increases were in line with national trends. Administrators at private institution saw a median salary increase of 2.5 percent in 2012-13. Excluding Benjamin Akande, dean of the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology, top administrative pay rose by 2.72 percent. Price levels in 2012 were recorded at 2.1 percent.

Base pay for Akande rose by 7.59 percent from 2011 to 2012. Pay data for Chief Communications Officer Barbara O’Malley and Chief Information Officer Ken Freeman also became available for the first time. In 2012, O’Malley and Freeman earned base salaries of $165,393 and $170,125, respectively. O’Malley assumed her role in June 2011. Webster hired Freeman in April 2011 to be interim chief information officer. In March 2012, the university announced Freeman had been selected to permanently fill the role.

Former Chancellor Neil George earned $264,818 in base pay in 2012. George retired from the chancellor position at the end of the 2011-12 academic year and retains the title of chancellor emeritus. George’s base compensation for 2011 was $268,644.

Former Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Paul Carney saw an increase in base pay from $179,823 in 2011, to $184,762 in 2012. Announced in April 2013, Carney assumed the role of assistant provost for student affairs and athletics.

Rein was hired as university secretary in August 2011, and replaced by Jeanelle Wiley in June 2013. Rein resumed the role of University Libraries dean, a position she held prior to being promoted to university secretary.

Maddy left the university in May 2013, according to a post from the university’s blog, Webster Today. Her base compensation was $168,085 and as of 2011. Maddy had been vice president of development and alumni programs since 2007.

Webster University 12-13 Form 990 by WebsterJournal

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